Holiday Update: Day Ten

Today marks ten days since I left sunny Melbourne for absolutely freezing Northern USA. Since my last update, Thanksgiving has passed, leaving me with a distinct feeling of homesickness. Despite the fact that we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, the notion of family the holiday brings with it made me wish I was at home with my own. 

However, homesickness was soon forgotten as we camped out for six hours to hit the Black Friday sales. It was an experience, to say the least. While it’s not one I plan on repeating any time soon (unless I am REALLY desperate for a bargain), it’s something I’m glad I did. I came away with a video camera (I had ummed and ahhed about buying one before my departure but ultimately couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. This one was on such a good sale, I couldn’t help myself) so you can expect some videos of my trip soon. 

Nothing overly exciting has happened, except my absolute addiction to Netflix (which, uh, is exciting only to myself). I’ve also officially eaten at most of the fast food restaurants on my list, and shown the expected amount of shock at the sizes they serve over here. While everything is super large, it’s also super cheap. I guess it’s no surprise then that American’s have such a reputation for being obese. 

I went to my first official college party on Saturday night. Seeing the red cups and playing beer pong was an amazing experience, although I’m not quite sure I’d like to repeat Sunday morning. College kids can DRINK. 

I have four more full days here with my friend, and then on Sunday I’m heading to Seattle to spend two days by myself, and then one week from today I will be hitting up LA and meeting up with my family. 

As much as I have loved getting the college experience here with my friend, I’m looking forward to the family holiday aspect of my trip that’s still to come. As much as I love solo travel and spending time with friends, traveling with my family always holds a special place in my heart. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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