Holiday Update: Day One

It’s 9.45 Monday morning and I am sitting in a study room at Western Washington University. So, you know, just an average day. 

After what felt like a million hours of travel, I finally arrived in Seattle yesterday afternoon where my lovely friends met me off the plane and drove me to their town where I am going to stay for the next two weeks. 

The first thing I’ve noticed about North-Western USA is that it rains. All the time. All day. Every day. Just constant rain. For someone used to the constant warmth of rural Australia, it’s a novelty, however one my friend promises will wear off really quickly. 

It was an hour and a half drive from Seattle to my friend’s house, and along the way we passed so many shops and restaurants that I’d only heard about on tv or in movies. It was pretty exciting. 

We ate dinner last night at Red Robin, which was totally delicious, and also totally bizarre. Did you know here if you order one drink they give you unlimited refills for free?! Australia should definitely bring that one in! 

I’m still getting used to their money (what’s a dime again?) and their units of measurement. Hopefully I get the hang of it quickly, or I’m going to be spending the next two months totally confused. 

My friend is currently in an exam, but she logged me into her Netflix account which is like a complete dream come true for me. It also means I can continue the Supernatural marathon I started back home. Oh, happy days!

I wish I had been born American (although hearing horror stories last night about their health system makes me super glad I’m really an Aussie). 

frangipani princess xoxo

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