Download: One Direction Music App

Ever wanted to know what tunes One Direction love blasting in their spare time? Well now you can. The 1D Music App has launched on Spotify, which means you can listen to their entire back catalogue, browse playlists specially created by the boys, and create your own playlists to share with the band (and have the opportunity to have your playlist featured in the Hall Of Fame!). 

The app is based around an interactive world map, so you can find playlists put together by the boys based on their career highlights and where they occurred. Some example playlists are: 

  • Harry’s House
  • Romance
  • Practice Tracks For The X-Factor
All of the playlists are able to be shared via twitter and facebook, so you can show your friends how awesome the playlists are, and convince them to download it as well (it’s completely free – what’s not to love?!). 

Through the app you can also stay up to date with the official One Direction Instagram and Twitter feeds. It’s really a one stop shop for everything 1D you need. 

The band has just hit the awesome Spotify milestone of 100 million streams worldwide, which is definitely something the boys should be proud of. With this super easy to use and love app, that number will only skyrocket in the coming weeks. 

If you love the boys, this is definitely something you should be downloading. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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