NPR 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels

National Public Radio in America released a poll a few months ago to try and discover the top 100 teen novels (or YA fiction) of all time. The results were published a while ago, but due to the HSC, I’ve only just got around to checking them out. 

While I have read eight of the top ten (The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings still grace my to-read list), I was surprised to find I hadn’t read the majority of the list. 

So I set myself a challenge. 

I am going to locate and read all one hundred books on the list, and review them here. 

It will be an interesting journey, as many are novels I wouldn’t normally pick up. But they made the list, and read them I shall. 

To kick off the challenge, I went to my local library yesterday and borrowed: 

  • Fallen, by Lauren Kate (number 67)
  • Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld (number 92)
  • Gone, by Michael Grant (number 96)
I had intended to read the books in reverse order, but due to the fact my library doesn’t have every YA book ever published, and also because I find the YA section in my library confusingly hard to navigate, I eventually just grabbed the ones I saw from the bottom half of the list. 

I’ll try and get the books read and reviews started before I head away on Saturday. 

Check the list out, let me know which ones you have and haven’t read, and which ones I should make it a definite priority to read. 

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “NPR 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels

  1. Awesome idea, I can't wait to hear about the best ones. Oftentimes YA books are actually the ones that end up being the most popular with adults as well. Were The Book Thief and some John Green novels on there?

  2. Definitely read The Mortal Instruments Series sooner rather than later, if you haven't already, as the movie's coming out next year. And the Infernal Devices (prequel series).The House of Night series is pretty good- took a while for me to get over the writing style before I got into the plot though. Not up to date on the series currently, got a few in my book shelf to read.

  3. My number one recommendation for anyone these days is the Chaos Walking series. I was instantly engrossed and couldn't put the books down for a second. They're written in a really unique writing style and on top of being action-packed with wonderful characters, they have really deep themes that will leave you thinking for days. A warning though, expect a lot of feels. There will be pain. A lot of it. But it is so worth it haha

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