Total Girl Turns Ten

I was at the newsagents yesterday when the latest issue of Total Girl magazine caught my eye. At eighteen, I am more than aware that I am about ten years out of their intended audience, but as the first real magazine I started to collect, it’s always held a special place in my heart. This issue, featuring Victoria Justice as the cover girl, is the tenth anniversary edition. 

Ten years of Total Girl? Surely not! I remember buying the very first issue, and it really doesn’t feel like it was an entire decade ago. 

But it is. 

And now here I am, eighteen and a half, going to university in a few months, and with shelves full of Cleo and Cosmo. I’m not sure when I got this old, but I miss the innocence of being a Total Girl reader. 

This month’s tenth anniversary issue features a “ten years of total girl” spread which only increases my feelings of old age. The fashion, the music, the covergirls…it’s such a trip down memory lane. 

As it’s a birthday issue, the magazine also has an entire section on how to hold a totally epic party, including themes, locations and awesome game ideas. Makes me wish I was ten again so it would be socially acceptable to have my party at lasertag! 

If you’re a tween, there’s heaps of reviews for what’s totally in at the moment (plus an opportunity to win heaps of awesome prizes!), as well as a poster of Victoria Justice. 

I’m more interested in the flip side of the poster, however, which contains pictures of TG covers from the past ten years. So. Many. Memories. 

Total Girl is still the amazing magazine I remember from when I was eight, and it makes me so happy to see that all these years later it’s still thriving and out there for the next generation to read. 

I may technically be an adult, but I’ll always be a Total Girl. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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