On The Jonas Brothers And Being A Fan

The Jonas Brothers are performing their first American concert in years today. I’m ~studying~ so didn’t buy a pass to view online (or a ticket to NY to see them live), but am following along on twitter as their brother, parents, grandparents, cousins, and friends live tweet the event. I’ve always followed all their family members, with my belief being that if you’re going to love something, you may as well love it all the way. 

(I may or may not have also viewed a clip on tumblr and cried. But no confirmations.) 

My friend Kate is the complete opposite. A few weeks ago I was at her house when the AFL Grand Final was on and we went out to watch The Temper Trap (I think that’s their name?) perform at half time. Kate loves them, and I asked what the lead singers name was. “I don’t know”, she replied. I couldn’t believe my ears. How could she love a band and not even know their names?! She told me that to her it was about the sound, not about the celebrity that goes with it. Two weeks later, and I’m still dumbfounded. 

With all of my celebrity obsessions, but especially with the Jonas Brothers (who, for newer readers, are my Ultimate Loves) I have to know absolutely everything about them. I will devotedly follow their friends and family members for years even if they never mention JB, just in case they do. I follow aunts and uncles on instagram, I follow band members spouses and band members spouses friends. To me, it’s like…if you can’t join them (I still live in hope that I will marry Nick), you may as well know absolutely everything about them. 

It’s just…I love them so much. I remember being fourteen and sobbing because Joe came to Sydney and I couldn’t go stalk him. Even earlier this year when Joe instagrammed a picture from outside my aunty’s house I begged mum for hours to let me get on a plane (she didn’t. Something about being eighteen and needing to grow up?). I have loved them for my entire teenage life. They have been the biggest part of my self-discovery and self-development. Through them, I have overcome obstacles, made friends, and created so many memories. I honestly cannot imagine what the last six years of my life would have been like without them.  I see so many young teens these days jumping from one big thing to the next, and while they love them with everything they have, the love doesn’t last. And that makes me sad. It’s easy to obsess for a while, but when you permanently devote a space in your heart to them, that’s when it becomes really special. 

And if Kate can love a band and not feel the need to have the whole fan experience, well, I kind of feel sorry for her. 

frangipani princess xoxo 

2 thoughts on “On The Jonas Brothers And Being A Fan

  1. I wasn't going to comment but then I read the final sentence of this post and I had to. I am the same as your friend Kate. I don't think that obsessing over something is necessary, unless you want to of course. There are bands that I love and while I might follow them on Twitter or Google them from time to time, I don't feel the need to know everything about them. The band, The Black Keys, is an example of this: I love their music but if you asked me to name the band members, I couldn't. But that doesn't mean that I don't really, really love their music. To be honest, I think it's a matter of different strokes for different folks. I don't obsess over The Black Keys, for instance, but that doesn't make me any less of a fan IMO.

  2. I'm very much with both your friend Kate and Grace: knowing absolutely detail of every member of a band's lives is, to me, kind of over the top.If it's a band I really like, for example, Short Stack, I will like their Facebook page, go to their concerts, follow them on Twitter, etc., but I couldn't tell you their ages, birthdays, and all that jazz.If that's what you're into, it's all well and good- finding out about a band doesn't do any harm. But when it's every second of every day, or when you fangirl about them more than you sleep, it's too much, and I just couldn't do it. There's more to life than just sitting at a computer on the internet, just reading and re-reading their Tweets. For me, listening to their music is more important that finding out what they did last summer. Being part of a fandom is nice, and I'm not saying I don't engage in some of them, but it can be unhealthy if it's to the extreme.

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