Today I Was Waving Not Drowning

Today my friend Miki and I went to the University of Western Sydney open day. I have no plans of attending there, but because I am pretty much the best friend ever, I accompanied Miki for her explorations (of a Science degree, no less – I had no idea what was going on). After my less than heartening experiences yesterday, I wasn’t expecting much, but today was a total breath of fresh air. Away from the expectations of Oh my gosh look at everyone else who is looking at Wesley and is obviously so much better than me and why am I even here? I was able to enjoy the Open Day for the fun that it was.

And so I got a fake plaster put on my arm. 

And got my face painted like Spiderman. 

And got a fake-tattoo. 

For a day, despite being in a totally future oriented place, I felt like I was able to take a break and enjoy my life for what it is, not for what I’m hoping it will be. 

Going back to my cliched favourite book line ever, and in that moment I swear we were infinite, today was a day where I did feel like I was infinite. Walking through the Domain back to my aunty’s house, everyone stared and laughed at our face paint. But we laughed too, because we are about to graduate high school and are still able to enjoy having our faces painted like we’re ten years younger than we actually are. 

Today was pure, unadulterated fun, and I need to remember to not let fears of the future get in the way of creating more days like it. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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