Book Review: Spoiled and Messy

Even though I know my parents are two high school teachers in their mid-fifties who have been married for twenty-eight years and together for over thirty, there’s a little part of me that still secretly believes that they were just a kind couple who took me in from my real parents who now happen to be fabulously successful movie stars. My striking resemblance to all family members aside, it could have happened. Maybe one of their senior students got pregnant and they offered to take care of the baby, and then the student went on to become amazingly successful and they never told me they taught them in case I put two and two together. 

Sadly, I don’t think I’m ever going to find out I’m really the daughter of the Hollywood elite, but in the new YA novel “Spoiled” by writers of Go Fug Yourself Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, sixteen year old Molly Dix discovers that it’s her reality. Having grown up with just her mother and a story of a dead war-hero father, Molly never had reason to question her parentage. That is, until her mother is diagnosed with cancer and on her death bed reveals that Molly’s real father is none other than Brick Berlin, one of the hottest silver screen stars of the moment. Molly has to move to LA and learn to fit in with the Hollywood elite, including her super-spoiled new half-sister, Brooke Berlin. Molly needs to work out how to live with her newly discovered A-List lineage (and not be completely humiliated by Brooke in front of the whole world), and discover just how to live her teen years in the spotlight without ending up all over the gossip sites (in a bad way). And you thought your teen years were tough.

In ‘Messy’, the stars of Spoiled are back, this time with the bright idea (Brooke’s, of course) to start a blog. Only, life as the offspring of a Hollywood super star is way busy, and nobody will really notice if they hire a ghost writer to run the blog, will they? Like, seriously, with spray tans, and events, and a social life to keep up, nobody really expects Brooke to actually be the one behind the web’s newest hit, do they? Brooke and Molly have finally worked out how to share a form of sisterly love, and are finally enjoying their shared lives, but will everything be turned upside down when Brooke’s big plans start to fall apart? 

Spoiled and Messy give us a hilarious look into the behind the scenes of every teen girl’s secret dream – being the daughter of a movie star. Sharp witted, brilliantly written, and absolutely addictive, the novels are a definite breathe of fresh air into the YA genre. Though starring teens, they’re able to be enjoyed by any age, as long as you’re a Hollywood dreamer at heart. Superficial without making you lose brain cells, the novels are a perfect School Holiday read. 

Spoiled and Messy
Published by: Allen & Unwin
RRP: $16.99
Available: Now, where all good books are sold
Rating: 8.5/10

frangipani princess xoxo

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