School Photos and Oh My Gosh I’m Actually In Year Twelve

Yesterday we had school photos. As in, my last ever school photos. I have never been a fan of them, being as ridiculously unphotogenic as I am, but there was still a sense of sadness as I handed in the little order envelope, had my tie adjusted, and stood on the masking-tape feet for the last time. As horrible as they always turn out, they’re a way to mark your development and change through thirteen years of schooling, and suddenly, I’ve reached the end of the line. 

My school has a tradition where, after taking the individual photos, the year twelves go out the front of our (really pretty) office building and take a group shot which then gets hung in the foyer. As we all lined up, I suddenly realised how close to the end we are. I was standing on the end of a row, and so got out quite quickly, and as I looked on to the hundred or so kids still in formation, I felt like crying. I’m not overly attached to my year – heck, I don’t even know some of their names – but they’re still my graduating class, and in five months time, we’re going to take another picture on those same steps, this time in our formal outfits, and then it’s goodbye forever. I might not know some of them, but we will always have a connection, something that draws us together for the rest of our lives. We will graduate high school together – and that’s something you can only do once. 

The end of high school rushes towards us faster and faster every day, and as the teachers warn us about how quickly the trials are coming up and I panic because my summaries are still not completed, it’s weird to think that the day where none of this will matter any more is fast approaching. In a way, thinking about how soon everything will be irrelevant is a good way to keep me calm. I need to keep remembering that sure, for the next five months, the causes of the Great Depression are very important, but after that, for the rest of my (hopefully long) life, it’s not going to matter. None of this is going to matter. Marks and ranks and ATARs and university courses – none of them are going to matter. There is always a back way into things, and if you’re determined enough, you can achieve anything you want, no matter what four digit number gets texted to you in late December. 
As we got taught in lunch time summary/essay skills class today, the best way to get through the rest of the year is to remember to Keep Calm and Carry On. Or, as Fall Out Boy once put it, “The best way to make it through with hearts and wrists in tact is to realise that two out of three ain’t bad”.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “School Photos and Oh My Gosh I’m Actually In Year Twelve

  1. I was reading some of your earliest posts today, from back in 2007, and it is truly amazing to see the changes! I think it would be so lovely if you did a post on how you have changed from when you first began blogging, what makes you proud and what makes you cringe. It's wonderful that you stuck to blogging, your blog is something pretty special!x Monica

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