ghd Special Edition Peacock Straighteners*

I was not blessed with beautiful hair. Well, that’s a slight lie. I have often been complimented on my unique natural colour and ‘gorgeous waves’ (mostly by my mum) but to me, it’s just a giant head of brown frizz. When I was sixteen, my friends in France convinced me I looked like a twelve year old (I totally did) and made me cut off my reasonably long hair. It looked quite good short, but only when it was straight. The problem was, I was (am) super lazy, and so 99% of the time, I would wake up, look in the mirror, contemplate straightening my hair, think “Nah” and then put it in a curly, frizzy pony tail. It’s no wonder I’m single.

After coming back to Australia and deciding to keep the short ‘do, my mum got sick of the lack of attention I paid to my hair, and went out and bought me a ghd straightener. It was heaven and made my looking after my hair so much easier. What would have been even cooler though, was if she had purchased one of the new limited edition ghd peacock straighteners. 

Unlike my boring (in comparison) black, these super stylish straighteners come in blue sapphire, purple amethyst, and green emerald, and include an amazing peacock themed roll-bag. The gorgeous straighteners are made with the new luxury (the most luxurious to date!) ‘ghd gold classic stylers’, transformed into the amazing colour theme of your choice. To make it even cooler, the power indicator light also comes in the colour of your straightener. 

These amazing straighteners are an absolute steal at only $279, and are available through the ghd website (free shipping!!), and select retailers throughout the country which can be found here

ghd has won more awards than they can count over the years, and is consistently voted best hair straightener by stylists and users alike. You will not regret purchasing these fabulous straighteners – ghd has saved my hair, and with these awesome peacock straighteners you can look completely fantastic while it saves yours too. 

frangipani princess xoxo

*This is a sponsored post, but I wouldn’t have agreed to writing it if I didn’t fully believe in the product

ghd website

3 thoughts on “ghd Special Edition Peacock Straighteners*

  1. aaah fair enough i suppose..i guess i was only comparing it with other hair straighteners that costs less than $100 but can do a good job as well. if u look at it that way you can't really say that it's ONLY $279, but yeah if u compare it with other ghd stuff thats another matter.. (especially since they're so pretty and comes with a really cute case and everything)sorry im rambling hehe 🙂

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