I’m Halfway There

On Thursday I dropped in for a visit to Dolly Magazine. It’s one of my favourite places, and seeing as I’m not going in for work exp this year, it was a nice chance to catch up with everyone who works there.
I was chatting to Jess for a while about her interview with One Direction (Harry totally checked her out), and then editor Tiff asked me the basic question, “so, what’s been happening in your life?”.
I drew an absolute blank.

My life has been so consumed by year twelve, I literally have nothing else to report. It’s like everything cool in my life has been placed in a paused dimension, just waiting for November to tick around so they can be freed.
Yesterday the second half of year twelve began, and as I sat contemplating all the work I needed to do to just be up to date, let alone on top of things completely, I started freaking out. My parents have been telling me that I’d need to study five hours a day to get through this year ahead, and I’d always scoffed at them…until now. I could quite clearly see a future where I’m chained to my desk for the next seven months, and when awesome people like Ed Sheeran are coming in that time, it’s not a pleasant thought.
No matter how many times people tell me year twelve doesn’t last forever, the light at the end of the tunnel seems pretty dark to me.
I will get through this year though, and with a trip to America about to be booked for the day after grad, I’m creating my own lights where they were otherwise invisible to me. I have awesome friends to have study days with, and we will make it through this together.
I may not be able to answer what’s been happening in my life with a decent answer right now, but I have the rest of my life for that. 
And because Boy Bands are always relevant, here’s Big Time Rush with Halfway There:
Frangipani Princess

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