It’s the holidays, which usually would be a cause for celebration, but this year the jokes on me, because it’s year twelve which means if anything, my work load increases. Of course, I thought it would be a great idea to fill my holidays with work experience and volunteering, so just how I’m going to get my massive piles of work done is something yet to be worked out.

From tomorrow until Thursday night I’m volunteering at a camp for teenagers with disabilities. It will be a great chance to give back, make lots of new friends, and gain some awesome experience. I’m definitely looking forward to a fun three days. 
Friday I’m off to Sydney (ONE DIRECTION!) , then Saturday sees me heading to my cousins hens night (I do not feel old enough to be allowed to attend one of these!). From Monday I’m at The Sydney Morning Herald for a week to experience Newspaper land (fingers crossed I get to meet the team behind Column Eight!), but as usual I’m staying at Gosford which means at least two hours on a train each day. In between all of that I have to fit in catch ups with some lovely friends, and there’s the little problem of my homework, but I’m sure my teachers will understand if I tell them I was too busy hitting up Sydney clubs to complete my essays. 

Because I’ll be having little time to breathe, blogging until I get home on the 21st or 22nd will be more sporadic than usual, though I’m sure I’ll have to log on for a mega post about my amazing concert experience this weekend. And there may just be a frustrated rant about Directioners in there as well (do not get me started on those silly girls at Sunrise. Ruining fandom much?!). 

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, and those of you lucky enough to be on holidays, have a good one! 

frangipani princess xoxo

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