Happy Fifth Birthday, Frangipani Princess!

It appears that in my end-of-term rush last week, I have neglected to celebrate a momentous occasion. It seems that I have now been blogging at Frangipani Princess for five whole years. Five. Years. 

When I first started blogging I assumed I would last five days, and yet, here I am. In those five years I have been given so many amazing opportunities. Blogging has given me Disneyland tickets, work experience opportunities, the opportunity to appear in some of my favourite magazines, the ability to be on the mailing list of some of my favourite book publishers, the chance to get in contact with amazing journalists, and the ability to become a contributor to my favourite blog. It has also put me in contact with so many amazing, lovely readers who make my day brighter with their emails and comments. 

My blog isn’t always quality, and I’m still learning just how to run this thing, but I’m slowly getting there. From a blog filled with grammatically incorrect posts about my personal life, to what is now slowly evolving into a review-centric and life-musing blog, it’s been a journey that I’ve loved (almost) every minute of. 

As for what the future involves for Frangipani Princess? Hopefully more development, more quality, and more of what you, my amazing readers, want. I’m still working on accomplishing my magazine dreams, and maybe I’ll never get there. But no matter the outcome, I’m definitely enjoying the ride. 

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to give me a chance. From Erica, my amazing mentor, to the staff at Dolly magazine (especially Millie Chandler) who were the first to give me a shot at work experience and have been nothing but brilliant in the following three years, to Sarah Tarca who always finds time to chat with me and will forever be an inspiration, and the rest of the team at Girlfriend magazine who have chatted with me over the years as well. The biggest thanks should perhaps go to Emma Vidgen, who was the first magazine journalist to talk to me and give me a boost of confidence in what I was doing. I haven’t talked to Emma in a number of years, but she was the first to make me realise that maybe I could succeed, and for that I will be forever grateful. 

Here’s to five more years. 

frangipani princess xoxo

Ps. I have a new post up on GWAS, On Turning Eighteen. Read it if you want a brief overview of the last month in my life

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