One Direction Are Coming To Australia (And A Bit Of A Fandom Rant)

As most of you would be aware, on Friday One Direction announced Australian tour dates. My last hardcore musical love, The Jonas Brothers, never quite made it down under, and so for 1D to come so soon after becoming popular is a dream come true. 
The boys are coming for just three shows in mid-April, and tickets go on sale this Friday morning. There is no pre-sale, and so ticket-obtaining butterflies have taken up residence in my stomach. There is nothing I would love more than to be able to see the boys in concert – to watch them sing in person, to be in the same location as them, breathing the same air. It would be a dream come true (and so much more). 

There are many, many 1D fans out there, and my gosh are some of them hardcore. I love the boys with all my heart, know all their music, and would do anything to meet them, but due to school commitments I can’t attend rallies/flash-mobs/events, and to some fans, that makes me a “lesser fan”. Music fandoms (with, perhaps the exception of Taylor Swift) are notoriously pretentious, and it grates on my nerves. Shouldn’t being a fan just be about shared appreciation and love? It shouldn’t be about who their “biggest” fan is, or who’s the “best” fan, or who is a “directionator” (or, you know, not good enough to be called a fan and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to attend concerts). I kid you not, the hardcore twelve year old 1D fans are nasty. 
When I was at the height of my Jonas-love, there were similar problems, except I was one of the “I’m the best” fans. The big problem with Jonas, and I assume there are similar problems with 1D, was that fans were obsessed with “who had been there since the beginning”. One day on Jonas Secrets (oh, remember the days), however, there was a secret which said “It’s not how long you’ve been a fan, it’s how long you’ll stay a fan” and that’s something which has stuck with me over the years. Most of the people who back then claimed to be the world’s biggest Jonas fan and there since It’s About Time now wouldn’t admit to ever having liked them. They’re the fickle fans, moving on to the next big thing, whereas many of those who came when the boys got big are still around today (though many of them are not), and at the end of the day, they’re the true fans. And with 1D, it’s not about who’s been a fan since their first X-Factor appearance, it’s about who’ll be a fan when something ‘better’ comes along. Although all the girls with 1D twitter names at the moment will vehemently deny it, most of them will forget about 1D in a year or so when the Next Big Thing arrives. It’s a fact of fandom, and life, that nothing lasts forever, and hearts are fickle things, especially as a tween. It’s a sad fact, but most of the 1D fans are former (or current, but to a lesser degree) Bieber fans, and most of the Bieber fans were Jonas fans. 

I really want to get tickets on Friday, and while I won’t be lining up at airports and outside hotels, I would kill for an opportunity to meet the boys (and, side note, Tsweezy concert in just over a week, and I’d do anything to meet her as well.). The Hot30 have a big 1D surprise tonight, and it saddens me that it will most likely only include a tiny minority of fans, those who have the time and ability to spend all night ringing up, or tweeting constantly, or something similar. This is the frustrating part of fandom – that you can spend so much time and effort loving something, and then not even get a guarantee of tickets because you’re nothing special. Sometimes I wish for music-fandom communism, a wonderful place where every fan is equal and opportunities exist for all. But that’s not going to happen, so I’m just going to be missing Friday morning at school, keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I manage to snag a ticket to the Sydney show.
I can only dream that one day I will be able to become an Entertainment Editor and get to interview people like 1D as my job. I don’t want to scream “MARRY ME!” at them, but I do want to sit down for a civilised chat. In a perfect world, maybe this will be right around the corner. 

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “One Direction Are Coming To Australia (And A Bit Of A Fandom Rant)

  1. This is me exactly. I'm not a crazed fan who has a shrine/alter/t-shirt made of their faces, but I do follow their career, am interested in their interests and looks and maybe, just maybe, am dying to hang out with them.

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