Boxing Day Movie Reviews

I’m not a frequent visitor to the cinema. Since moving to my current town, I go more often than I used to, but by more often I mean once every few months instead of once a year. However, somehow I have managed to see three movies in the last three days. 

The first film I saw was War Horse. As someone with a keen interest in World War One and British people, I thought it would be quite interesting viewing, and I’m sure it could have been if I had been able to see through my tears. While my sobs didn’t quite reach the levels they did in HPDHp2 or The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, they were constant and horrible. The film was beautiful, but heartbreaking. It’s one of those movies that would be all too easy to turn off if watching on a dvd (much like Schindler’s List), so I’d go see it at a cinema. It’s painful in parts, but the end result is beautiful and worth your money (and time – the film goes for nearly two and a half hours!).

My second trip to the movies was a stark contrast to the first, with a viewing of New Years Eve. I’m a sucker for corny movies, and for Zefron, so this film had me in love with it before I even stepped foot in the cinemas. It’s basically Valentine’s Day, but on New Years Eve, and is adorably cute and contains total eye candy in the form of John Bon Jovi (shut up.) and Zefron, amongst many others. It will leave you excited for this Saturday night, and for all the potential that a new year brings. 

My third, and final (at least until I get home from france), viewing was of The Iron Lady. When I went to see Billy Elliot a few years ago the Margaret Thatcher references went right over my head, but the three years since then my worldly political knowledge has grown (only if that growth is very minor) and seeing trailers for the film in my other two visits made me interested in what the movie would be like. My friend Miki and I decided to head and see it tonight, and we enjoyed it, even if we were the only people under fifty in the cinema. Okay, by ‘enjoyed it’, I mean our hearts were shattered into a million little pieces, but it was amazing cinema. It was a different kind of sad to War Horse, a more inevitable “this could be me”. Meryl Streep did an amazing job portraying the former Prime Minister, though for all you non-political fans out there (like myself!) the film is based around Margaret as she is now – frail, elderly and suffering from dementia – with flash backs to her political past. It’s more emotional than political, which is what makes it so brilliant. It’s not one to go see with your friends (if you’re looking for a girl’s night out, New Years Eve is the one to hit up), but for a cute movie date with your mum, or just to learn more about the world, go see it. 

I would recommend all three movies for everyone, but knowing the demographic of this blog, I would say if you can only see one, New Years Eve is the one to go for. It’s light-hearted, adorable, and has a brilliant cast, and you’ll (mostly) get through it without crying. If you’re looking for something intense and painful, see War Horse, and if you’re looking for something educational and heartbreaking, see The Iron Lady. While New Years Eve will likely be forgotten soon after it leaves the cinema, War Horse and The Iron Lady have real staying power, and critics are already loudly whispering about Oscar hopes for the two. They’re movies that you should see, even if they’re not fun and games during the viewing.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Boxing Day Movie Reviews

  1. Mummy really loved War Horse.And now I have this image of that food critic in Ratatouille trying to whisper but actually just talking really loudly at Oscar Wilde. Love Ell 🙂 xoxxo

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