Forever Yours Times Fourteen

You might remember that a few weeks ago I posted about Alex Day’s new song “Forever Yours”. I love it, and him, an awful lot, so when he announced that he was releasing not one, not two, but fourteen different versions of it to try and crack the Christmas charts and raise money for charity, I decided to do all I can to help. Alex is most famous for his Alex Reads Twilight videos, but his channel “Nerimon” also has lots of subscribers, and he is a talented singer and member of Chameleon Circuit (the awesome Doctor Who band). 
All the versions are available on iTunes, and while he is British, he is raising money for World Vision Australia which is pretty awesome. He managed to reach number 4 in the British iTunes charts, plus numerous radio charts earlier in the week, and is now sitting comfortably in the top ten. In Australia he’s in the top fifty in the pop charts, which is pretty impressive. 
His ultimate aim is to make the British Christmas number 1, or just to make the iTunes number one, as it would be a first for an unsigned artist. 
The versions are all very different, from an instrumental, to an electronic/dubstep remix, so when you download all the versions you’ll be getting your moneys worth. 
Alex is well deserving of the support and publicity he is receiving, and will only continue to receive when his best friend Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike on youtube) releases his remix of the song this week. 
The songs will only be available until Christmas eve, so get buying now. All the versions contribute to the position of Forever Yours on the charts, and all proceeds will go to World Vision. 

It’s an amazing song, and amazing cause, and an amazing guy, and I am so, so proud of him. Youtubers really can change the world (see also: Project For Awesome which has raised nearly $70,000 for charity this week). 

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Forever Yours Times Fourteen

  1. Charlie's version is just so CHARLIE.But yes, I hope you remember who introduced you too Alex, but I don't think I shotgunned him. Has anyone? But I just love Alex so much, and the video clip is awesome too. I could totally shotgun Alex, but I am convinced he is gay. And he can't dress himself. JE T'AIMEEEE xoxo Ell.

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