Nick Jonas

Is in Sydney (you can find photographic proof here)
I am feeling all the feelings right now.
Mainly heartbreak, because I am six hours away from his beautiful face.
So close, yet so far. 

I feel like I’m fifteen again. Wow. This is as bad as that time Joe was in Sydney and I couldn’t get to him. Except minus the tears. I guess that’s maturity?   

I am freaking out. We are in the same time zone. The same state. This is the closest we have ever been. YOU GUYS DON’T UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS. 

Come visit me, Nick? Leave Delta behind though, our love needs to blossom on it’s own. Forget year twelve, we can have curly haired babies and spend the rest of our lives living a happily ever after.

frangipani princess xoxo

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