In Defence Of Pansy Parkinson

Pansy Parkinson is one of my favourite characters in Harry Potter. Yes, while this is partly FanFiction and my love of Scarley Byrne speaking, I honestly believe she deserves more respect than she currently gets. In a famous quote, JK Rowling said, “Let my girls be Hermiones, rather than Pansy Parkinsons”, indicating there is something horribly wrong with being Pansy. In the context of the quote, I do understand where she is coming from, but within the context of the entire series, I feel she is overly harsh on Pansy, therefore making 99% of those who read/watch it hate her on principle. 

To begin with, she is constantly referred to as “pug-faced”, which is a horrible thing to call any eleven year old. We shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance, so to repeatedly have her called “pug-faced” as a negative is horrible. 

To understand my support of Pansy, I think everyone needs to step back and take a look at what her life must be like. She’s grown up in a family of Death Eaters (or at least, supporters of the Dark Arts), and has spent her younger years in the company of people such as the Malfoys. She goes to Hogwarts, is sorted into Slytherin, and then by no fault of her own is surrounded by other children who have grown up in the same family situation as herself. She jumps into house loyalty, and yes while that involves being mean to Gryffindors, we can’t forget that our “wonderful” Gryffindors are rather horrible about the Slytherins too. She gets a crush on Draco Malfoy, because he’s kind of the epitome of everything her family always supported, and he’s cute, and he’s there, and maybe for a while they find love. In the series, this is portrayed as a negative, but how can anyone finding love be a bad thing? Why should we hate this poor girl just because from the perspective of the protagonist, her boyfriend is ‘evil’. He’s just as much of a misunderstood teenager as she is! They don’t deserve our hate. JK Rowling once said that Draco and Pansy didn’t end up together because she didn’t like either of them enough for that, which I think is a horrible reason. I love what JK has given us, but sometimes her decisions just anger me.  

The other – and main reason – people have for hating Pansy is that in The Deathly Hallows she tries to convince McGonagall to send Harry to Voldemort. I want you to just imagine her situation for a second. She’s scared, so scared. People are dying everywhere, there’s the potential for more people to die, she’s sick of fighting, sick of evil, and then there’s a solution to everything right in front of her. This boy who has never been particularly nice to her or anyone else in her house, and if he just goes to Voldemort, they all get to live. It’s selfish, yes, but she’s tired and frightened and other people are thinking it and it just comes out. It doesn’t make her a bad person – it makes her human. 

Pansy is just a misunderstood teenager, who, like so many other Slytherin characters, gets the wrong end of the stick because they were sorted Green, not Scarlett. She’s loyal, and kind, and most likely lots of fun, but because we see her through Gryffindor tinted glasses, she’s portrayed as an evil bitch, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, she makes mistakes, but don’t we all? We shouldn’t hold her circumstances against her. 

I’m all for Pansy Parkinson appreciation, and I think more people should be too.

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “In Defence Of Pansy Parkinson

  1. If anything Hermione isn’t too perfect herself. She is overly harsh throughout the series on other girls her age; just for doing something normal like experimentating with makeup and clothes, talking with your best friends. Basically anything that ordinary teenagers liked to do. Unless you are at her level of intelligence, Hermione can be pretty snobbish about you. Additionally, JK included, they all certainly pushed to babe up Hermione from her younger buck-toothed self.

  2. The only character who’re widely appreciated are Luna, Hermione, Snape and Draco. Luna’s understandable because she’s an amazing character and so everyone knows it. But what about Cho? She’s smart and talented. She was one of the only ones to make a patronus even though she was grieving. Everyone gives her crap for crying a lot. Well what do you think she should do? She reacted in an understandable way. As for her sticking up for Marietta, she was the only one to remain by her side after everyone left her due to her grief. Hermione is a flawed character who has a high opinion of her self and is not understanding. What she sees as is reasonable is the only thing. She was mean to Luna and Ron often but that’s set aside. Hermione is a great character but people forget her as human. Draco is removed of his actual character which makes Draco into himself. Snape is widely discussed by two sides of the fandom and I cannot get into depth at the moments. Cho, Lavender, James, Ron, Fred, George (the only time I see people giving them proper attention is in X Reader fanfics), Pansy, Harry himself a lot of times, Regulus, Colin, and countless more are hated or ignored. This only makes me like them more.

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