A Post About Old Friends Feat. Lots Of Rhetorical Questions

On Monday I went to Sydney to a HSC English study day. Also in attendance at the event were two girls I had gone to primary school with, and yet not seen in years. We arranged to meet up (through the joys of facebook) and have a catch up. One of the girls was my close neighbour for seven years, and so I had seen her in the past year or two, and yet the other girl, despite being close aged six, I hadn’t seen for eight years. 

It’s amazing how people change. 

When I think of us back as year two students, I wonder if our eight year old selves ever contemplated how we’d turn out at seventeen. We were so similar, and yet so different. I could still see parts of their kindergarten selves in their personality, and I wondered if they could see the same in me. Was I anything like the hyperactive smarty-pants they remember from back in the day? Would they have recognised me in the street if we hadn’t stayed in touch? If I hadn’t moved, would we have stayed friends? 

I began to think about all the ways I have changed in the last ten years. All the obsessions I’ve had, all the friends I’ve made and lost. All the achievements, regrets, disappointments. Would I have changed as much if I’d never moved? Am I a product of my various towns and schools? Or would I always have ended up like this? We were all similar aged eight, and now I’m still almost identical to one of them, right down to loving Doctor Who and not doing any maths or science subjects. 

We had our school’s year twelve graduation assembly yesterday, and as I watched all I could think was, “In one year, that will be me”. It then made me start thinking about what it would be like to meet my current classmates again in nine or ten years time. Would there be more or less of a change between 17-26 than there was between 8-17? Would I still have anything in common with those I currently spend all day with? Or will I not even remember their names? 

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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