What I’ve Been Watching

Some youtube clips that have been aiding in my procrastination from the ever-growing pile of year twelve work that seems to be defining my life lately: 

Gay Pirates – Cosmo Jarvis: 
We were listening to random music at lunch the other day and one of my friends started playing this song. It’s completely adorable and addictive, and one of my new favourites. 

4 Chord Pop Songs – Axis Of Awesome: 
I saw a clip on tumblr the other day of a girl playing all these different pop songs with the same four chords, but then my friend Kate showed me this video with the same concept, but just so much cooler. 

He’s Only Fourteen – Sammy J and Randy: 
I love Sammy J and Randy so much, and I saw this song posted on their facebook last week. It was originally on Good News World, and you’ll understand it most if you’re an Aussie. Make sure you watch until the very end. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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