You Won’t Believe I’m Saying This

It pains me to write this post, because to quote John Green’s Looking For Alaska, I hated sports. I hated sports, and I hated people who played them, and I hated people who watched 
them, and I hated people who didn’t hate people who watched or played them.”

Despite playing numerous sports when I was younger, I have never been someone who could be described as ‘sporty’ or ‘athletic’. I believe the terms more widely used are ‘severely uncoordinated’ and ‘exceptionally lazy’. As quidditch doesn’t actually exist (and don’t give me crap about ‘quidditch’ played at various universities – if the broomstick doesn’t fly, I can’t be bothered with it), I have spent my life content with the idea that all sport is stupid and happiness comes from a good television show and a fast internet connection. Blessed with a naturally fast metabolism, I have been lucky enough to remain skinny despite never exercising and eating outrageous amounts of junk food. However, in the last couple of months, I sought Doctor’s help after being constantly stressed out. Their number one piece of advice to me was to make sure I exercised for at least an hour every day. An hour. Every. Day. They explained that exercising for an hour releases extra Serotonin to your brain for the next twenty-four hours, therefore calming you down and making you happier. I grumbled at hearing this, but my parents dragged me to the gym every night and after a few weeks, I began noticing amazing differences; not only did I have heaps more energy, I found myself a lot calmer and just generally in a better mood.  

It really isn’t that much effort on my behalf, I just blast music on various pieces of exercise equipment and before I know it, my hour is up. My mum thinks I’m not working hard enough, however, so from Wednesday she’s got me booked in with a *shudder* personal trainer. Exercising seemed like such a big thing before I actually started, and sitting at home on my computer seemed like such a better idea, but I have noticed such a change in my mood and fitness levels I can’t stop recommending it. Like I said before, the word best used to describe me a few months ago was LAZY, so for this change around in such a small amount of time is nothing short of a miracle. If you’re like me and view exercise like a vampire views sunlight, just try and give it a go. You will be amazed. If you don’t live near a gym, or don’t want to dish out money for one (they are so expensive!), try just walking more often (the outside air is an added health bonus. Oh gosh…it’s like I don’t even know myself any more!) or as it’s coming up to summer, hit the pool. 

As I’m going into year twelve, stress and anxiety are high factors I have to monitor, and I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as me. Left unchecked, they can have terrible consequences, so if there’s something so easy as logging off line for an hour and getting some muscles working, I’m definitely in for it. Also, not only does it help keep your mind in tip-top shape, it of course helps you get a rocking body for summer.

frangipani princess xoxo 

One thought on “You Won’t Believe I’m Saying This

  1. I have a fast metabolism and I'm just skinny, lanky and nerdy in general- sport to me is pretty much child torture. I'm counting down the number of PE lessons I have left to endure in my whole entire life before dropping it next year for good- and the count is now a total of three! However, I can't stop thinking that I need to get off my lazy butt and get active… but I'm extremely unmotivated. But blasting music on a machine for an hour sounds bearable… perhaps I'll try it.

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