Round-Up (Because I Need A Time Turner To Be Able To Blog Properly)

I am the world’s worst blogger, and time manager, and so FP has been a little quiet of late. Fear not, I am planning a come back, but for now, here’s what’s been happening in my world: 

  • Erica kindly posted some reflections I had on my trip to Vietnam. I talk about how it made me realise how lucky I am to have my life, and how selfish I can often be. I will be posting about it here soon, but for now, read what I had to say here:
  • Even though my first attempt ended in tears,  on Friday I re-attempted my driving test and somehow managed to pass. I was so scared beforehand, but it just goes to show, even if you’re not naturally good at something, with enough dedication and effort, you will eventually succeed. Falling and failing hurts, but the only way to stop the pain is if you get up and keep trying. 
  • I saw The Three Muskateers yesterday. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was so bad it was kind of brilliant. Logan Lerman was perfect, as usual, and the Muskateers had that hot old British man thing going on (I mean, what!?), plus the king of France was the most hilarious character ever. It probably isn’t worth the exorbitant price of a 3D ticket, but if you see it on DVD in a few months, check it out for lots of laughs. 
  • Part of the reason for my extended absences around these parts is that I’ve turned over a new leaf for year twelve and am cutting back on my internet usage extensively. I’ve been learning a lot about myself lately, and Vietnam helped me a lot with that, and in my soul searching I have discovered that hiding away for up to nine hours a day on the internet is not a healthy thing to be doing, so I’ve started exercising more, and spending time outside, and with my family and friends in real life. This next year is going to be one of the biggest ever, and I need to have the best possible mentality to get through it in one awesome piece. 
  • As a reward for getting my Ps, on Friday my mum bought me a fish. I’ve wanted a fish forever – in fact, I wanted three and was going to name them after a combination of the Jonas Brothers and the Golden Trio. Unfortunately, the lady at the pet store crushed my dreams by telling me goldfish were the worst type of fish to get, and they would just die and it would be a waste of time and money to buy one of them, let alone three, and encouraged me to buy a fighting fish. They were pretty, so I agreed. Of course, being fighting fish, I could only get one, but because I have amazing friends, it has a pretty awesome name. I won’t tell you the whole name, as it contains inside jokes that wouldn’t be awesome to anyone else, but an abridged version is Sir Nicholas Malfoy. He’s pretty much the coolest fish ever, and I just really hope I can manage to keep him alive. 
  • I’m going to see Josh Thomas on Friday night. I’m very excited about this, and therefore have been loudly gushing about him whenever someone even vaguely mentions his name. This will be my third time seeing him live, and I cannot wait. Melinda Buttle is opening for him, and I’m pumped to see her live as well. They’ll probably complain about how much of a hole my town is on twitter, but I don’t care, because they’re going to be here, and that’s all that matters. 
Check back soon, because I promise I will post again in the very near future.

frangipani princess xoxo

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