Vietnam-Bound (and an interview with Christa Black!)

The past year has quite possibly been the busiest year of my life, and just because I have a zillion tv shows that I want to sit down and watch, it’s decided to, if possible, get busier. Tomorrow afternoon – after I finish my two most dreaded exams – I am getting on a bus with forty-ish of my history classmates and driving to Melbourne. Once we get to Melbourne, we’re getting on a plane to Singapore, and from Singapore, we’re going to Cambodia. Just for fun, after a few days, we’re then going to Vietnam. We’ll be gone for three weeks, and I am extremely excited. Other than the obvious history-related war museum attending and Ho Chi Minh body viewing, we’re also riding elephants, going snorkling, to mud baths, and shopping. Lots of shopping. 

While I’ve done my fair share of traveling, I have never really been to Asia. We spent three days in Singapore a few years ago, but Singapore doesn’t really count because it’s pretty Westernised. I’m looking forward to experiencing a different side to the world, and experiencing some new things. It will also be my first time traveling with my friends (well, friends I haven’t met while traveling), so that should be pretty fun (unless we all go stir crazy and murder each other). 

As exciting as this all is for me, it means I’ll have pretty limited internet access until the middle of October. That more than likely means very minimal blogging from my side of cyberspace. Try not to miss me too much, and make sure you have a fun three weeks yourselves. I’ll be back before you know it with lots of stories to tell, so make sure you don’t abandon me before then. 

As a reward for being such awesome readers, here’s a link to my Teen Girl With A Satchel column for this month, in which I interview one of my favourite people ever, Christa Black. After I get back from my trip I’ll also have more on Christa and her awesome book, God Loves Ugly, which, I’m not even kidding, has changed my life. 
Read my post here 🙂

See you soon!
frangipani princess xoxo

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