The Next Best Thing To New Jonas Music

It’s no secret that I love the Jonas Brothers, and if you’ve been reading FP for a few years, you’d also know that obsession extended onto their band. Their backing band comprised of Garbo, Jack, Ryan, and (No Way!) John Taylor, and they were pretty epic people just as part of JB. But then, they decided they would form their own band, and call it Bulldozer. They didn’t end up calling themselves Bulldozer, instead going with Ocean Grove Band after the place where they created their music, but this year they finally made real on their threat and released two ‘solo’ EPs. 

I followed them on twitter, but for some reason I never bothered actually listening to their music. If you’d asked me, I would have told you I was an Ocean Grove fan, based solely on the fact of who they are, but I couldn’t have recognised one of their songs if you’d paid me a million dollars. 

The other day, however, Toong and I were discussing Garbo’s recent engagement, and she said she’d heard some of their stuff and they weren’t bad, so I decided to finally listen for myself. It was so much love, it wasn’t even funny. I immediately downloaded both of their EPs and they have been on repeat (in amongst my One Direction, of course) since then. My personal favourite songs are The Best (the lyrics “They said you’d never make it, and now they’re obsessed” are the greatest things ever) and We’re Still Breathing. They’ve released an official video for I Want You In Love, though, so that’s the one I’m sharing with you today. Just watch, and soak up their awesomeness. Enjoy!
Ocean Grove are pretty much the next best thing to having new Jonas music (though don’t get me wrong, their sound is nothing like that of good ol’ JB). And don’t say “What about Joe’s new song/CD” because I may hit you. Those songs and that new video for Just In Love make me incredibly frustrated and it’s best if I say no more on the matter. I still love Joe with all of my heart, I’m just not a big fan of what’s he’s doing at the moment. 
But back to Ocean Grove! They are beyond awesome/you should listen/fall in love with them/etc/etc. 

frangipani princess xoxo 

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