Ways In Which I Am Like Cher From Clueless (AKA That Time I Failed My Driving Test)

A lot of things come easily to me in life, and I guess I’m very lucky for that. I can sit down and write a perfect essay without even thinking, I can get high marks in every subject with minimal study, I can learn new skills at work in the smallest amount of time…I just generally can do things well without much effort. And then came along driving. I have a bit of a trouble with practical things, and a short attention span, so driving was never going to be a piece of cake for me. The whole remembering which side is left and which is right thing, and the remembering to check all the mirrors thing, and the remembering to you know, put the car in Drive thing, just didn’t work very well for me. It took me a lot of practicing, and a lot of practicing, and a lot of practicing to be even average at it. 

But finally, after a zillion hours with my driving instructor and even more with my poor parents, I was ready to go for the test. 

And I failed. 

I felt a lot like Cher in Clueless when she goes back to her house after her driving test, and Josh and Tai ask her, “How does it feel to be a licensed driver?” and she has to reply, “I wouldn’t know, I failed.” 

I’m not used to failing, and it sucked. I had done everything perfectly, except I managed to royally screw up my parallel park which is an Instant Fail. Again, to take words from Cher, “(when it comes to parking) What’s the point? Everywhere you go has valet.”. I knew I had failed as soon as I did it, but hearing the instructor officially tell me when I got back to the RTA was a painful blow. I am so used to just getting, and being good at everything, so to have to work so, so hard on driving only to have it blow up in my face hurt. It was a completely foreign feeling to me. 

They say when you’re trying to get pregnant, all you notice is other pregnant ladies and babies. I’m getting like that with P Plates. They’re all I notice, anywhere, and if I’m not seeing cars proudly displaying their red plates, I’m seeing what feels like everyone on facebook announcing their success. Even though I know it’s not true, everybody in the world except me seems to be driving around by themselves. 

Much like when I had to get back on the public speaking horse, I am not going to let this one failure get me down (no matter how hard I threw my Learner license across my room when I got back home). I have rebooked my test for five weeks time (I have to wait until I get back from my three week trip to Vietnam) and as scary as the thought of failing again seems, I have to try again. No matter how much I hate it (because I really do not enjoy driving at all), driving is a life skill I need to have. I can’t be stuck on those damned L plates forever.
The fail rate for my town is 47%, so I know that I’m not alone in my lack of P plate gaining (even though everyone seems to be passing first go lately). I was visibly upset when I re-entered the RTA after my test, and so a man asked my mum if I had failed my P’s. When she replied that I thought I had, he asked how many times I had failed previously. When she told him that it was my first try, he scoffed and said I had nothing to worry about yet. I have heard stories about people failing upwards of five times, and it just reiterates the point that even if you do keep failing, you eventually have to pass. The point isn’t in worrying about the number of ‘failed’ slips you receive, it’s in keeping on going back and trying again. 

Even though I cried a fair bit this afternoon, and then stocked up on fast food and chocolate to drown my sorrows in calories, I need to keep reminding myself that this failing my driving test does not make me a failure. I am good at other things, and being able to drive is not going to help me pass my exams next week, so I need to be thankful that I at least have skills in something that counts. 

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Ways In Which I Am Like Cher From Clueless (AKA That Time I Failed My Driving Test)

  1. Haha I'm exactly the same! I've been on my L's for about a year and a half now and have only done 40 hours because I hate it so much and am scared of failing the test. I just can't concentrate while driving, my mind wanders and I forget to do the most obvious things

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