Some Fandom Collision For Your Tuesday Night

I love it when my fandoms collide, and my favourite fandom collision of the moment is that of Harry Potter and Team Starkid. It was always going to happen, but now it has, it is just the greatest thing ever. 

It started off at LeakyCon when they began to hang out with Evanna Lynch (aka Luna Lovegood and my favourite female Harry Potter cast member) and Scarlett Byrne (aka Pansy Parkinson in the later movies). Those meetings lead to an awesome friendship and now we get to have tweets like: 

There are heaps more but I’m lazy and cannot be bothered going back ages in Evy’s timeline.

Continuing the tradition, the other day, our favourite Glee/Starkid fandom collider DCriss tweeted this brilliant picture: 

And then earlier today Katie Leung (who is so much cooler than her onscreen character Cho) joined in the party by adding: 

 It just makes me so happy. I would love to be at some of their joint parties. Seriously. Think of all the fun and Harry Potter references that would be made. Sigh. Such brilliance should almost be illegal. 

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I have three assessment tasks and seven exams in the next three weeks, but I’ll try and update as much as possible!

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