New Who

Sometimes it’s weird for me to realise that I’ve only been a Whovian for a few months. I fell hard and fast into this fandom, and I won’t be trying to find a way out of it anytime soon, which is why I was so excited for the mid-season 6 hiatus to finally be over this morning (my time).
Those of you who watch would know that “A Good Man Goes To War”, the episode before the hiatus, left us with a rather large (though some, and I include myself in that, may say predictable) revelation. We hoped that today’s episode, titled “Let’s Kill Hitler”, may begin to explain some of the things that left us reeling. 

Well. It certainly did it’s job. 

Those who have ever listened to one of my rants would know that while some of my all time episodes of Doctor Who from seasons 1-4 were written by Steven Moffat, I think he’s absolutely butchering everything as head writer for seasons 5 and 6. That said, today’s episode was written by him and it was…amazing. It was funny and awesome but still answered questions and cleared up a few things, and it had some absolutely brilliant lines. I won’t spoil anything for those Aussie’s who aren’t impatient like me and thus are waiting for next Saturday night to view it, but I will say that Alex Kingston needs to win all the awards, and that the cameos we were looking forward to were disappointing in one way, and yet heartbreakingly brilliant in another. 
Of course, it didn’t clear everything up because there’s still the rest of the season for that, but it left us with an appetite for more Who. 

I’m the first to admit I’m not a massive fan of this season’s storyline, but this episode made me like it just a little bit more.  

New Doctor Who just makes me so happy. And so annoyed that I’m going to be in Vietnam when the season finale is on. That’s so not fair. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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