Pottermore: Take Two

Early this morning I drowsily let my dog out of my room and decided to check my emails before heading back to sleep. With one eye shut, I began to dose off until my inbox loaded, and sitting bright and shiny at the top of the list was an acceptance email from Pottermore. I was awake, out of bed, in the house and in front of my computer in record time. I was beyond excited. 
I was even more excited when Toong came online soon after and had her email too. We were going through it together. 

I won’t spoil anything for those of you who aren’t in yet, but it’s absolutely brilliant. 
One of my favourite parts has been shopping in Diagon Alley, and being fitted for my wand. For those of you who are curious, my wand is: 
9 3/4″ Pine with Unicorn core, Unyielding. 
Toong got to the sorting before me, and I waited just as nervous as she was for her result. When she declared that she was Slytherin, her second choice after Ravenclaw, I was happy for her, but jealous just in case she had gotten in and I wouldn’t. Finally I skipped ahead to reach the sorting before having to leave for school, and it was with a stomach full of butterflies that I clicked the button to begin the sorting. I knew that whatever this quiz told me was law; it had been written by Queen Rowling, the sorting hat herself, and there were no arguments or going back. 
I went through the questions (which, without giving anything away, were rather interesting) selecting those based on my honest answers, not those which I thought would help me get into a particular house (it didn’t work at all for Evanna Lynch, so it wouldn’t work for me) and my nervous anticipation grew and grew. Finally, I clicked an answer and everything turned green. I had been sorted into SLYTHERIN! I actually did a happy dance. Toong and I then celebrated our new housemate-ness together, and our joy at being in the “coolest and edgiest house” (according to the extra info written by J.K herself). I had a lucky break though, Quack, the most Slytherin of Slytherins, got sorted into Hufflepuff, which we all had a good laugh about (sorry hun!). 

Pottermore is brilliant. That’s all I can say. I suck at potions (I may or may not have blown up a cauldron or two), and I’m not the best at actually finding the things in each section, but I love reading all the extra information, and as all my friends seemed to get in today as well, I’m having a great time getting around with them. 

If you’re in, add me as “HallowRune144”, and tell me how amazing it is in the comments!

Happy Pottermore-ing!

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Pottermore: Take Two

  1. I'll add you! As soon as it is available again, that must be really frustrating only just getting it and then the site being 'currently unavailable'. I'm FireboltBlade156 btw.I actually wrote a blog post about it as soon as I got in, which is hereThere are some spoilers for any one who hasn't gotten in yet though. I just couldn't contain my excitement, so I had to write it down ๐Ÿ˜›

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