The Quiet Place (And Why I Desperately Need One)

Sometimes I get a bit addicted to the internet. I use it as a kind of escape from school and The Real World, and before I know it I’ve been spending upwards of seven hours a day online. The other day I was browsing Tumblr (surprise, surprise) when I saw a link that said “Just Click This”. Because I like clicking things, I clicked it, and what I found actually kind of changed my life. 
Okay. Maybe it wasn’t that drastic. But it did make me think (and cry. I will admit I shed a tear. Or lots of tears.) 

The link I clicked on was this, and it took me to a website called “The Quiet Place”. 
Basically, The Quiet Place aims to spread the message that in this crazy world of technology and social networking, we sometimes forget to take a break and go and relax in our quiet place. To take a break and get our thoughts together without the worries of who just commented on your status, or who sent you a message on tumblr, or who your new follower on twitter is. 

My life is ruled by technology, I will admit that now, so when the Quiet Place told me that everything that my life is ruled by are just “meaningless little things”, the thought really hit home. I started crying, as I mentioned earlier, because I realised that I was devoting my life to basically what amounts to seeing what funny gifs and memes people would put on the internet next. I can tell you everything you need to know about celebrity and fandom (and everything you never thought you needed to know), but I was, and still am to a degree, beginning to lose track of myself. I would wake up, go on the internet, rush out the door to school, check the internet while I walked on my phone, get to school, check internet in all my breaks, go home, go on the internet, go to bed, check the internet one last time before sleep, sleep, repeat. It was a terrible cycle of addiction. I was enjoying myself, but when your life is run by social networking sites, you don’t have any time to see what is actually going on with you and the real world. 

This year has not been the best year for me. I have had a few mini-meltdowns, and while school was partly to blame for this, I think a large part was also the fact that by spending all my time online, I was neglecting to take five minutes out to sit down and read a book, or to start knitting again (as my friend Adro told me, I am actually 80 years old). I wasn’t giving myself enough time to breathe and relax. Sure, I wasn’t doing a lot online, but there was always a site to check, or a status to update, and none of it was really contributing to my self-esteem, or perception-of-self. 

The Quiet Place, while just being one more website that I ironically discovered through a social networking site, was a wake-up call I desperately needed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quitting the internet, far from it. I’m just finally realising that to get through the next year and a half without any major break-downs, sometimes I need to turn off my macbook and pick up a book, or go to bed with all technology left in my house instead of in my room. Sometimes it’s fun to bake some brownies instead of look at pictures of them on tumblr, or actually talk to my friends in real life instead of @replying them on twitter. While I will probably always be an internet-addict, I think I’m finally learning to appreciate the value of a quiet place.

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “The Quiet Place (And Why I Desperately Need One)

  1. It made me feel sad that I don't use my time to do things I enjoy when I'm not doing schoolwork. Stead I waste it on the internet and it makes me feel hollow-like I should go ride a bike or something.That music was so melancholy 😦

  2. Sometimes I feel the same way. It's so easy to justify being online all the time with saying I'm just hunting for stories for work!I just discovered a program, though, called Rescue Time ( that is supposed to let you know where you waste your time on the computer. Have to give it a try soon.

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