Glee! Live The 3D Concert Movie Review

This afternoon I went with a Gleek friend to see “Glee! Live the 3D Concert Movie“. I went in with high expectations, because let’s face it, Glee with Darren Criss in 3D cannot go wrong. My expectations were more than surpassed. 

Every single second of the movie was flawless. Absolutely flawless. The film included videos of performances from their live concert, plus backstage footage of the actors-in-character, and then, they also featured three teens who had had their lives changed by Glee: A little-person who was on her school’s cheer squad, a girl with Aspergers, and a gay guy who was outed against his will in year eight. It really added to the story and proved how Glee has the ability to influence all of our lives in a positive way. Of course, Mini Warbler (aka the little boy I want to adopt right now) also played a major role, and many other fans also had minor parts. It was amazing.

If I had to pick some, the main downsides to the film would have to be the lack of Klaine interaction (No skit included. Boo! Hiss!), and Gwyneth Paltrow making a majorly awkward on-stage cameo. Other than those two rather minor things, I am in love with the film. There were bits that made me cry, bits that made me cheer, and bits that made me clutch at my heart and wish Darren Criss really was singing to me.

The next best thing for us who weren’t lucky enough to have the actual Glee! Live Concerts in our countries, the Glee! 3D Concert Movie is a must see for Gleeks of all ages and genders. It will be enjoyed by everyone and will definitely make you want to see it again and again, and pray that the DVD is released quickly. I, for one, will definitely be heading out to see it again, but I’ll have to be quick as it has a limited release date of two weeks. 

Glee! Live the 3D Concert Movie is out now in cinemas everywhere. Go see it, and then tell me how much you want Darren Criss to make your teenage dreams come true.

frangipani princess xoxo

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