Still Got Legs (and if you’ve still got ears you should listen to this album)

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Charlie McDonnell and his band ‘Chameleon Circuit’, so when I heard they were releasing a second album I was beyond excited. A follow up to their 2009 self-titled album, ‘Still Got Legs’ picks up the story where the last one left off (‘Journey’s End’, if you were wondering). 

With songs such as ‘Knock Four Times’, ‘The Doctor is Dying’ and ‘The Sound of Drums’ we can heartbreakingly say goodbye to David, and then with the comedic song ‘Still Not Ginger’ we can welcome Matt. 
The fifteen song album follows the story from David’s final specials (The Doctor is Dying features his devastating lines “I don’t want to go”) right through until the last episode of season five with the song ‘The Big Bang Two’. 
Fans of the show will be able to tell that many of the lyrics used in the songs are actual lines from the song, or at least paraphrased storylines. My favourite song on the album is ‘Kiss The Girl’, which tells the story of ‘The Lodger’ from Craig’s perspective. It’s so adorable, and is like the entire 40minute episode in a handy 3minute song summary. ‘Travelling Man’ is another favourite, mainly because it makes reference to my favourite Christopher Eccleston episodes ‘The Empty Child’ and ‘The Doctor Dances’ with the lines (“There comes a time, time lord, when every boy must learn how to dance…just this once, everybody lives”). The whole album is brilliant though, and does the Trock genre proud (as it should, as they kind of invented it). 
The title ‘Still Got Legs’ is a reference to their song ‘Still Not Ginger’ which is based on the David-to-Matt regeneration and includes the line “Legs? Still got legs”.
At ComicCon a few weeks ago a fan asked Matt Smith and the rest of the Doctor Who cast what they thought about the album. You can watch their awesome response here.
‘Still Got Legs’ is available on iTunes (screenshot above) for $16.99 or from DFTBA Records for a $12 hard copy (plus postage). 

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3 thoughts on “Still Got Legs (and if you’ve still got ears you should listen to this album)

  1. Chameleon Circuit are brilliant! I absolutely love them 🙂 "just this once, everybody lives" is my all time favourite Eccley quote. Just his sheer ecstasy when he says that…it's fantastic! I was so devastated when he regenerated 😥

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