Frangi Playlist + Excuses For Not Blogging

In life, we all have up times, and down times. The up times, of course are where everything is going well and we’re happy. The down times are the opposite. When we’re teenagers, these can feel so much bigger, because, let’s face it, we teens love to make everything extremely dramatic. Even if we are making mountains out of molehills, at the time, those mountains seem pretty darn big and unconquerable to us. They’re scary, and there’s nothing worse than having to face one.
This week I’ve been having a bit of a down time; just one of those weeks where everything would have been vastly improved if I had been able to stay in bed. A combination of zero self-cofidence, some average school results, and some general worries about the future have just led to me not wanting to face the world. That’s not the best mindset to be in, however, especially with school and work and a million other things to do, so I enlisted the aid of some music (and Christa Black’s book God Loves Ugly, but more on that soon) to help me get through the day without a breakdown. 
Here’s what I’ve been listening to: 

Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Demi’s story is particularly inspiring to me, and this song captures her journey perfectly. The first time I watched the video, I cried and cried and cried. It’s scarily relatable, but super inspiring. I can’t get it off repeat. I have so much respect for Demi. So. Much. Respect.

F***kin’ Perfect – P!nk

This song always plays when I’m at work, and the chorus (and the whole song) is amazing. My favourite line is ‘Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel like you’re nothing, you are perfect to me’

Tied Together With A Smile – Taylor Swift

In my opinion, this is definitely one of Tsweezy’s most underrated songs. The song opens with the line ‘It seems the only one who doesn’t see your beauty is the face in the mirror, looking back at you.’ and while it’s not so inspirational, it definitely tells a story ever teen girl with self-esteem issues can relate to. 

Also Making The Playlist:
Mean – Taylor Swift (because who doesn’t like to think that silly bitches will always be pathetic and alone in life?)
Time Bomb (acoustic version) – All Time Low (because it’s super addictive and my favourite song on the album)
Long Live – Taylor Swift (because I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you)
Stolen – Dashboard Confessional (because I want to steal a guy’s heart and have him sing a cute song about it)
Menstrual Minstrel – Darren Criss (because who doesn’t want to hear DCriss sing about periods? But shhh he doesn’t want the song out so you didn’t hear about it from me)

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. More blogging when I’m in a better mood
pps. I interviewed awesome fandom blogger Lauren Rae Orsini for GWAS, which you can read here šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Frangi Playlist + Excuses For Not Blogging

  1. Cheer up! Here's some song suggestions:To wallow:'Ambulance', Eisley'Trouble Sleeping', The Perishers'Everything's Fucked', The Dirty ThreeTo pick you up:'Otis', Kanye West/Jay-Z'Don't Stop', Fleetwood Mac'What You Waiting For?', Gwen Stefani

  2. i love like 80 percent of those songs u named! ya demi's story is soo inspirational how she overcame her demons and weirdest thing ever i was listening to mean by tswift when i was read this lol i dedicated that song to my sister oh im issy by the way šŸ™‚ i really like ur blog it speaks to me lol corny iknow šŸ™‚

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