Fanfiction 101

I’m a little bit addicted to FanFiction, as most of you would be aware. It’s kind of like my default action on the internet. Bored? Read a fic. Procrastinating? Read a fic. Should be sleeping? Read a fic. The thing about fanfiction, however, is you need to be careful who you mention it in front of in real life. As I’ve learnt the hard way, you get a weird look (or ten) when you mention reading fics in actual conversation. Especially if you happen to also mention the fic was based around a romantic relationship between two male characters (slash). 

I think the reason most people get weirded out by fics, however, is that they just don’t know what they’re really like. They assume they must all be totally creepy, or badly written, or just full of sex, and while yes, you can find those sort of fics in abundance, there are also some brilliant ones out there. Of course, people might also get weirded out because they’re just not a fangirl, but I like to pretend that kind of person doesn’t exist. With the end of Harry Potter hitting us like a tonne of bricks, more and more people are turning to fics to help fill the hole. If you’re feeling the pain, or are at all interested in giving fics a go, I’ve put together a bit of a “Here’s What You Need To Know About FanFiction” post, so read on: 

Canon: What happens and is true in the actual books. So, if you’re reading a canon Harry Potter fic, Harry will verse Voldemort in a final battle after a Horcrux hunt in seventh year, all the same characters will die, etc. etc. Canon is usually used in reference to couples, so a couple who are together in the book/tv show/movie will be referred to as canon in fics. So in HP, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Lily/James etc. etc. are all canon couples. 
Slash: A pairing with two members of the same sex. These are very popular amongst fic readers and will be found in every genre. In Harry Potter, the main slash pairings are Draco/Harry and Remus/Sirius. There’s also femme!slash, which is slash but with girls. This isn’t as popular, and as I don’t read it, I can’t tell you how much of it exists. For those of you who don’t want to read slash, don’t worry, plenty of ‘het’ or straight fics exist. 
Pairing: The main couple(s) the story revolves around. Most fics will be centered around a central pairing, but there are some ‘friendship’ fics out there. 
OTP: One True Pairing. Most fic readers have at least one of these. It’s pretty much you’re all time favourite couples, or the couples you read the most fics about. 
Couple Name: Often a pairing will be referred to by their couple name, which is their two regular names smooshed together. For example, Draco/Harry = Drarry, Merlin/Arthur = Merthur, Blaine/Kurt = Blurt. A lot of pairings will have two couple names, for example ‘Blurt’ is often referred to as ‘Klaine’.
AU: Alternate Universe. Basically a story that is set somewhere outside what is canon. So like a Merlin fic happening in a modern day high school, or a Harry Potter fic without magic. 
Rating: Every fic will be given a rating. It varies from site to site, but on they use letters. A ‘K’ will be pretty low key on the romance/violence/bad themes scale, whereas an ‘M’ could contain bad language, pretty explicit sex scenes, heavy violence, etc. etc. You can search via rating, so if you don’t want the hardcore stuff, just exclude the higher ratings from your search. 
Smut: A fic that is pretty much pure sex. They can get very dirty, so if that’s not you’re thing, just avoid any with ‘smut’ in the description. 
Crack!Fic: Fic written for laughs.


  • The best place to start, in my opinion, would be They have hundreds of thousands of fics for every fandom you could ever think of. The site is really easy to use and the search functions are great. There’s honestly hundreds of sites out there though, and one of the other major sites is LiveJournal, but I find it a bit hard to navigate if you don’t end up there via link or google. 
  • If you’re new to fics and don’t quite know what you’re interested in, pick your fandom and have a browse. I’d probably stay away from slash fics just until you’ve read a few, just so you don’t jump in the deep end and scare yourself off. 
  • Try and search for fics that have been Completed, because waiting around for Works In Progress (WIPs) can get really annoying, especially if they never end up being finished. 
  • Read around on tumblr and fan forums to find some Fandom favourites. 
  • Try out a few different genres. Some people only like reading ‘fluff’ or romance, but others love ‘angst’ and ‘hurt/comfort’. Personally, I love it all, depending on my mood, but every person is different. 
  • At first it’s kind of trial and error with badly written fics, but if you stick to ones with lots of reviews and a well written summary, you should be fine. 

Note, most of these will be slash. I’ll post the fandom and pairing after the link. 

The Break Up Box – Merlin. Arthur/Merlin. Modern!AU
The Super Confidential Diary Of Harry Potter – Harry Potter. No specific pairing but gay characters mentioned. Crack!fic.
Beyond Words – Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. AU post-battle. 
Only We See The Similarities – Harry Potter. Albus Severus/Scorpius. Next Generation.
The Slytherin Hufflepuff – Harry Potter. Albus Severus/Scorpius. Next Generation.
The Haunting – Harry Potter. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. 8th Year fic.
What’s Past Is Prologue – Merlin. Arthur/Merlin. Modern!AU
P.S. I Love You – Harry Potter. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Post-Hogwarts.
You Want To Make A Memory? – Harry Potter. Multiple Marauders-era couples. Marauders.
Merlin Academia Rec List – Merlin. Arthur/Merlin. Modern!AU with an academic focus (aka, one or both of them are uni students/tutors/etc.)
Three Cheers To Fatherhood – Harry Potter. Albus Severus/Scorpius. Harry/Draco. Next Gen, but with a focus on post-Hogwarts Harry etc. too. 
Dalton – Glee. Blaine/Kurt. This is pretty famous in the fandom, but I’m yet to read more than a few chapters. 
Kurt/Blaine FanFiction Recs – I don’t have any other specific favourites for Blurt/Klaine, but here’s an extensive Rec list.

I have many more favourites, so if you want some more, just let me know! 

Hope you enjoy, let me know you’re favourites, and you can thank me later 😛 

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Fanfiction 101

  1. Dude, clearly the best Merther AUs are academia/studentmerlin+businessman arhur/both uni students.Also, where's Three Cheers for Fatherhood, huh? 😛 They were brilliant. I haven't read most of that lise. Must get onto that.

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