I’m Back

That was a slightly unexpected absence, sorry guys. I came up to Sydney last Sunday but at the last minute was encouraged not to bring my laptop. Six whole days without my laptop? Craziness! But I survived (thanks immensely to my beloved phone), and have now been reunited with my darling macbook pro. 
I just finished Work Experience at Girlfriend. It was a brilliant week, and I loved seeing how one of my favourite magazines gets put together. I was lucky enough to be on with two other absolutely lovely workies as well. Shout outs to Shirley and Sophie 😀 
After work experience every day, plus commuting to/from Gosford from Wednesday, I’m a little bit tired, but for something completely different, I’m going to Sydney with the family tomorrow for the weekend. And then back again on Monday to start another week at DOLLY. Add in midnight screenings of Harry Potter and assignments and I really don’t have time to breathe these holidays!
That all said, I’ll be posting a lot more regularly than I have in the last week (uh, that is, more than Not At All). Stick around guys, I have some cool posts planned for you soon (potentially. If I finish all my homework and get my act together.) 

Much Love!

frangipani princess xoxo

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