July 2011 Girlfriend Mini Review

In five days I’m heading back to Girlfriend HQ for a week of work experience, so I decided to do a quick review of their July Issue. 

Cover Girl: Emma Watson 
Theme: Formal
Front Of Mag Features: “What A Girl Wants”, “Why Kissing Is Good For You”, “Mind Your Manners”, “The Secret”, “The School Of Second Chances”, “Not To Be Rude, But Are You Being Stupid?” and “The Parent Survival Guide”

  • Darren Criss poster. I get so proud every time I see him in magazines or somewhere exciting online. He’s getting so big, and I couldn’t be happier for him.
  • Mention of Team Starkid in “Harry Potter’s Over, Now What?” page 
  • Selena Gomez interview in which she says she hopes to come to Australia next year (oh please, please, please come true)
  • Emma Watson on the cover. Golly gosh I love that girl. 
  • “How Hot Is It When Guys…” includes pictures of DCriss and Nick Jonas, amongst many other cuties, and cool reasons like “are sweet to their grandparents” and “read”. 


  • Every second page being something about a formal. I get that they have to cater to the readers who are doing a formal, but the majority of teens only have a formal in year twelve (yes, some do have one in year ten, but not every school), and let’s face it, it’s a rare year twelve student who would be still reading Girlfriend. Maybe cut back just a little bit, GF. 
  • In “This Month” they have a picture of the Elder Wand and call it “Harry’s Wand”. I mean, Harry does end up with it, but it’s not ~his~ wand. Small facts, I know, but just slightly annoying. 
  • Formal Movie Faux Pas. The whole tone of this feature didn’t sit right with me, but I was rather annoyed when they said “A Mathlete Will Most Likely Never Win Prom Queen” and went on to explain that prom queens were popular and beautiful. Way to make all your more intellectual readers feel like crap, GF. I know you went on to say that the prom queen’s looks will fade and the nerds will be “investment bankers with sweet rides”, but that’s stereotyping at it’s highest. You just…shouldn’t have included that one. 

Rating: 3.5/5 – Buy it for the Darren Criss poster, if nothing else. 
Price: $7.95
Freebie: Beanie
(I did have scans to add, but the photo-uploader is being annoying, sorry). 

I can’t wait for my week at GFHQ (and, uh, my week at DOLLY the week after), and I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo

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