Fandoms For F*ck H8

As most of you would be aware, on Saturday New York passed the Gay Marriage act. This makes me super happy, for while I am straight myself, I am a firm believer in equality for all. I have friends who are gay, relatives who are gay, and, of course, I adore gay celebrities (and uh, fictional characters). While Australia sits over here with it’s backwards laws on equality, I found myself wishing there was something that I could do to show my support. That’s where Fandoms Against H8 stepped in. We all know I love a nerdy fandom shirt, so to combine my love of these with supporting equality, well, I was sold. Here are some of my favourites:


Basically, there are a whole heap of shirts (and hoodies, and badges, etc. etc.) for every super popular fandom with slash ships (though you can request others). You buy them, get to wear a totally brilliant shirt, and then part of the proceeds goes towards the fight against hate. Such a perfect concept. 
I really, really want to buy the three above, but I’m poor at the moment and currently saving for two overseas trips in the coming months, plus two weeks in Sydney starting next week. My finger might just slip on the ‘add to basket’ and ‘checkout’ buttons as a special end of term treat in the next few days though…

frangipani princess xoxo

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