Featuring Frangipani Princess

I always feel honoured when people decide they like Frangipani Princess, and even more so when they decide to say something nice about it on their blog, in their magazine, or on their radio show. 
This week, I was chosen by Camilla, who blogs over at Girls Are Made From Pepsi to be her ‘Lady Of The Week’. She had some super nice things to say about me, which you can check out below. 

Jennifer Reid from Life’s Like A Cupcake, also contacted me this week asking if I’d be happy to be featured in her ‘Best Of The Blogs’ segment on Christian radio station Hope103.2FM. I jumped at the chance, and filled out some quick questions for the review, and was overjoyed at the final product. You can see the review on Jennifer’s blog here, or listen to the podcast, here

Thank you so much to both Jennifer and Camilla, I really appreciate it. 

If you would like to feature Frangipani Princess in your space, or would just like to hear my views on something, I can always be contacted here šŸ™‚ 

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Featuring Frangipani Princess

  1. Oh Georgie, your blog is getting so famous šŸ™‚ And rightfully so, the mish mash of HP love, angry rants, inspiration and reviews of glossies and TV shows make for a refreshing blog read.Maybe someday, someone will follow my twitter just because you've @ replied on me because you're their favourite Dolly writer.

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