Miley Cyrus: Gypsy Heart Tour

For the last four and a bit years, I have been a Miley Cyrus fan. There have been times when she has done things that have made me begin to question why I adore her so much, but then I listen to her music or watch Hannah Montana and my love returns. When I heard she was coming to Australia, I jumped up and down and squealed in excitement. Disney stars never come to Australia, so I couldn’t believe I would finally be seeing one of them in concert. I bought tickets for myself, Toong, Tam, and one of Tam’s friends, in the very first pre-sale back in April and then waited with eager anticipation for the day to arrive. Yesterday, it finally did. All week I had been flailing in excitement whenever I thought about it, and even the eight hour round trip that didn’t get me home til 3.30am couldn’t deter just how much I was looking forward to the concert.

Miley is not Hannah Montana anymore. You are more likely to see her in her underwear than you are fully clothed, but I knew this. Arriving at Rod Laver Arena and seeing thousands of mothers and their under-twelve children, though, made me begin to wonder if the majority of the world had missed this memo. While Miley was absolutely brilliant and everything I could have ever dreamed of (well, it only could have been better if it had been the Best Of Both Worlds concert in which the Jonas Brothers opened, but as I’m not in the possession of a TARDIS or a Time Turner, we’ll just have to let that one be), the Gypsy Heart Tour was definitely not child friendly. Miley spent more than half the concert in various states of undress, often gyrating around a dancer or a walking stick, and she sang songs that would have gone right over the heads of most of the concert attendees. I could only laugh when she began singing “Bad Reputation”, something which could be argued to be the current soundtrack to her laugh. 

Her cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” should have never been allowed on the set list, but I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard the opening bars of “7 Things”. The crowd went wild for “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, “Party In The USA” and “The Climb”, although I suppose there wasn’t really a song that the sold-out crowd didn’t adore. The same can’t be said for opening act Michael Paynter, who was annoyingly repetitive and, well, just generally annoying. 

Miley didn’t interact with the audience very much (unlike Taylor Swift last year who spent forever telling cute little stories and such), and said “y’all” an annoying lot, but I suppose she is from the South and it is to be expected. She barely paused for breath; one song would end and the intro to the next would start, save the minor gaps between her five or six costume changes, but it created an awesome atmosphere. Unlike her previous tour, The Gypsy Heart Tour did not include elaborately theatrical sets; it was just Miley, a band, some dancers, and a stage. With lots of lights and giant screens, of course. Our seats were in the first row of the Upper section of Rod Laver, but we could still see everything really well (although it wasn’t the ideal place to take close-up pictures, as the ones I’ve included prove). 

For a teenage Miley fan like myself, who knew all her songs and the covers she performed, and understood that she wouldn’t be fully dressed for most of the concert, it was brilliant, amazing, fantastic…I would go again, and again and again. For the little girls in the audience – many of whom fell asleep even before the encore – it was a bit of a waste of money, and just generally inappropriate. Surely mothers know how to google these things before dropping hundreds and hundreds of dollars on tickets? 
I think I preferred Tsweezy’s “Fearless” tour (can she pleasepleaseplease come back?!), but then again, the two concerts were very different and can’t really be compared. I adored them both in their own ways.

Now if only other Disney (or, you know, previously Disney) stars would follow her lead and come and tour. Jonas Brothers, I’m especially looking at you. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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