Harry Potter And The Levels Of Darkness

I have never been a massive fan of the Harry Potter movies. I love the entire cast more than most people can begin to fathom, but I just love the books so much and the films just kind of ruin them. They add bits and take away bits and change things that just shouldn’t have been changed. It frustrates me no end, and leaves me sitting there raging to anyone who will listen. Other than when they come out at the cinema, I rarely watch the movies. I own all of them (and numerous copies of some) but they’re not my first choice for a movie night. The last time I watched most of them was early last year when Toong and I had a marathon. 

In the lead up to Deathly Hallows Part Two (one month today!), my local cinema is showing one movie per week. I missed Philosopher’s Stone because no one told me it was on (and then missed it on tv on Friday night for the same reason), but watched my extended-edition dvd the other night. Then yesterday, I went and saw Chamber Of Secrets at the movies. Being used to watching the newer movies, I was shocked at how light the older movies were. There was so much hope and joy, and even though Voldy would come along and try to ruin everything, there was just so much innocence and that happy ending feeling. There was no continuation of evil that started at the end of the fourth but really kicked it up from the end of the fifth. There was no angst. No death. The endings brought tears of joy to your eyes, instead of tears of heartbreak, because everything was just so perfect. 

In a way, it was almost painful watching them knowing everything about the overall ending. Painful seeing Fred laughing. Painful seeing Dobby. Painful seeing annoying fangirl!Ginny and realising that the epilogue from hell is almost upon us. Painful seeing Snape. Oh gosh, it was painful seeing Snape. 

I know Harry Potter had to get darker. I know it had to lead up to the confrontation we’ll be seeing next month. I know that people had to die, no matter how much I loved them, because if they didn’t, if there was no battle, we’d end up with Breaking Dawn. I understand why it had to continue the way it did, but a small part of me would have been happy if it had stayed at the level of the earlier books. If the evil didn’t progress past what an eleven year old could defeat. If Draco’s worst decision was stealing a Christmas present and over exaggerating an injury, and if Snape’s worst move was taking too many points of Gryffindor. If everyone lived happily ever after (though without the Epilogue From Hell) and just enjoyed Hogwarts like the Marauders were able to. Admit it, you think it would kind of be really cool if they were just chilling at Hogwarts without Voldemort being around every corner, and could just have regular lives with the addition of magic and an epic castle. Maybe that’s just the fanfiction lover in me coming out though…

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Harry Potter And The Levels Of Darkness

  1. Not only did the themes become darker, but the colour did too. You watch the early ones and they're so bright and colourful, then you watch later ones and they look like they're entirely shot in the dungeons.Imagine if Snape's worst move WAS taking too many points form Gryffindor and he's stayed friends with Lily and Harry knew him that way… Weird.

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