Life Is Hectic

Sorry I’ve been a little Missing In Action this week guys. Suddenly I’ve found myself with a million assessment tasks to work on, and shifts at work to complete to save money for not only my upcoming weeks in Sydney, but also my just-around-the-corner trips to Vietnam and France. I had the regional debating finals today, which we won, so in the next few weeks we’ll start the State Semi-Final process, and then next Friday I also have the State Semi-Final for the SMH public speaking competition in Sydney. Combine all that with regular class work, including before and after school classes a few days a week, and I barely have time to breathe, let alone blog. 
I’ll hopefully have more time to blog soon, so don’t abandon me just yet.
Damn senior school getting in the way of my Very Important Hobbies. 

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Life Is Hectic

  1. Senior school is such a bogan. I can only imagine the HSC is a chav and a half :PWhy do all my subjects have assessments(at the same time too)…why!!!OMG, Vietnam/Camboida is gonna be amazing!

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