Avoidance Is Becoming An Issue

I’m beginning to realise I have a rather large problem with avoidance. I don’t mean procrastination. Charlie clearly defines what procrastination is in this video, and believe me, what I do goes above and beyond that. I’m sure my problems started by procrastinating. You know, watching TV instead of doing my homework, going to the movies to put off study for a test, the usual. They have, however, reached a scary point. A point where I put things off until I get sick to the stomach thinking about them, and if anyone mentions them, or the date they’re due or are happening, I physically cannot stand to be there any longer. I have, on a few occasions at home, actually put my fingers in my ears and screamed ‘lalalala’ when my parents have tried to talk to me about upcoming events. Don’t get me wrong, I always end up doing them, and doing them well, but in those few weeks before they have to be done, it’s hell for me. I’m not like this for every single assessment task, just ones I worry about or that are really big. If it’s something I enjoy, I’ll get it done straight away, but if I don’t necessarily enjoy it or a ranking is in jeopardy, I freak. The same goes for public speaking competitions. Just try and mention my speech for my upcoming state semi-final around me, I dare you.

To me, if I ignore that something exists, push it to the back of my mind and just don’t think about it, the problem will go away. Illogical thinking? Definitely. But it seems to keep me calm.  
I’ve always had a bit of a problem with anxiety; I stress a lot and worry insane amounts about insignificant events. I guess this is just a further growth of those issues. The internet and my laptop don’t exactly help, it’s just so easy for me to turn on technology and escape the real world. I know it’s not healthy, especially with year twelve and all the assessment tasks and exams it entails just around the corner, so do any of you guys have any tips for dealing with stress? What can I do so that I don’t freak out about upcoming tasks and events, and not avoid them to the point of meltdown? 

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Avoidance Is Becoming An Issue

  1. I'm not really the best when it comes to stress. I tend to stress out over the littlest things to the point of panic attacks, so I'm certainly not in a position to be offering advice.Mark Watson, however, aside from being a brilliant comedian, is also a blogger, who has mentioned the topic of stress and procrastination a couple of times, and I trust him enough to offer his advice in place of my own.Check out these articles:http://www.markwatsonthecomedian.com/web/2011/03/16/dont-sweat-it/&http://www.markwatsonthecomedian.com/web/2010/06/09/this-is-a-test/&http://www.markwatsonthecomedian.com/web/2010/05/03/mr-motivator/

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