An Open Letter To Triple J Fans

Dear Triple J Fans,
I have a problem with you. Not all of you, of course, I’m sure some of you manage to be perfectly normal members of society, but a growing majority of you feel the need to be superior bastards, and I’m getting sick of it. You listen to a specific radio station. Good for you! My radio station of choice has always been Radio Disney. The difference between you and me, however, is that I don’t feel the need to shove Radio Disney everyone’s throats and scoff at them when they tell me they don’t listen to it. I don’t think I’m a better person for listening to it. I don’t look down on people who choose to have other musical interests. I know Radio Disney isn’t for everyone, it’s my personal choice, and just like I realise that, you too should realise that listening to Triple J is not something that has to be listened to if a person is to be considered cool. 
Once upon a time listening to Triple J was something extremely ~alternative~, but now because of the stupid rise in the number of ~hipsters~, it’s popularity has risen to an almost mainstream level. You don’t want to admit that though, you like to think you’re so special. Unfortunately for you, your ‘indie’ music is nothing special these days and you’re not as alternative and ‘hipster’ as you would like us to think you are. Five years ago, maybe admitting to liking Triple J would have set you apart from your peers. Today, however, it just gets you shoved into the sheep pen with everyone else. I really hope you wake up and realise that you’re just as mainstream as everyone else, because really, your assumed superiority is driving me crazy. Hilariously, the music I blast and you scoff at me for it being so commercial and bubblegum pop, is actually more alternative than the stuff you listen to. 
I don’t understand why you can’t just accept that there are different types of music and be done with it. Why must you feel that what you listen to is what’s best? What is so good about the songs that fill your iPod that you feel you have been given a right to move straight to the head of the music hierarchy. Why, by being a fan of one silly little radio station, do you act like you’re the gods of the musical world? We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but I know that liking the Jonas Brother’s doesn’t make me any better than my friends who like Lady Gaga, or my friends that like Keith Urban, or my friends that like Screamo. In a way, I’m starting to believe it does make me better than you, though, because at least I’m not ashamed of my ‘uncool’ interests and am able to have fun and experience the full range of the musical world.
Actually, what I’m most curious about, dear Triple J fans, is whether you’ll be so loyal to your beloved station once the hipster trend moves on. Once big glasses and vintage and triangles are no longer what makes you cool, will you move on to the next big thing, or remain true to the definition of your subculture and stick with it? Once something has replaced the Angus and Julia Stone’s and the Jezebels’, will you pretend that you never liked them and change the dial on your radio, or will you keep attending the gigs in your ~awesome~ underground venues? I think we all know the answer, whether you choose to admit it or not. 
So keep listening to your beloved station, fans, I can’t stop you. But next time you give me a condescending look when I tell you I’m going to a Miley Cyrus concert, or make a snide remark about the artists in my ‘most played’ list, I may just have a few unfriendly things to say in return. I don’t like your music, in case I haven’t made that obvious, but until now I’ve kept quiet. Just know that won’t be continuing unless you all grow up and give me the same respect in return. 
frangipani princess xoxo

14 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Triple J Fans

  1. Do you actually listen to the broadcast of Radio Disney or do you mean the sort of music you listen to? Cause if you do listen to it then i'd really like to know how please! I've tried before to listen to it online but it says it cna't be played in your area, as in Australia.

  2. ^Is Anon having some rage there I see? So manly leaving your misogynistic comments as anonymous. Real cool how you choose to insult rather than write anything insightful…

  3. Anon,I appreciate everyone's input on all my posts, but I would really like it if we could not personally abuse me and could use polite language. I encourage debate, but if you're a triple j fan, or don't agree what I'm saying, why not make an intellectual remark? You're not actually doing anything for your side of the debate, to be honest.fp

  4. Ugh, I totally agree.I used to listen to triple j. I've always been a radio girl – it's the way I was brought up – and up until last year, triple j suited my needs quite nicely. Not so more.I'm sick of people stereotyping me as a "triple j listener". Yes, I love Florence + the Machine. But, I also love Kylie Minogue and Garbage. When was the last time anyone played either of them on triple j.Have you noticed that every single triple j presenter sounds the same? Well, the female ones seem to, at least. It's as if they've been through some sort of personality vaccuum. It's not cool.I don't really listen to the radio much these days. This means that it's hard for me to find new music, and it bothers me. When I do listen to triple j, though, it's not for Angus & Julia Stone [boring]. It's because I hate Beyonce, and because Triple M is full of presenters who actually enjoy Two & a Half Men [it's true]. And it's because sometimes they play songs by You Am I and The View.

  5. Um, excuse me, Anon? I'm a Triple J fan, but is it so deathly important that you speak like that? However, I do think a few of the things you said were a little unfair. "Once something has replaced the Angus and Julia Stone's and the Jezebels', will you pretend that you never liked them and change the dial on your radio, or will you keep attending the gigs in your ~awesome~ underground venues? I think we all know the answer, whether you choose to admit it or not." Yes, I would. Because I choose my music because I like it. I'm proud to admit to liking some Nikki Webster songs, even though her name's probably long forgotten now. I will proudly jump around and scream when they play "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" by The Offspring even though my friends think it's the daggiest song in the world. I know that I'm not the only one who feels that way. There actually are people who would stick to what they love, despite their subculture moving on.I must say, I think your wording of "SOME of you manage to be perfectly normal members of society" was still a little harsh. Using the term "some" comes across to me as that we're the minority. Really, we're not. To be honest, I've never actually met a Triple J fan who thinks they're so superior because of their music. Of course, there's always going to be people who think they're God's gift to the universe, but not because of their iPod playlist. It's because they're naturally that way. I guess a way to put it would be, you know how some people are born with bodge organs? Like, you come across people with dodgy hearts who need a heart transplant? It's like that, except with their attitude. They basically need a personality transplant.That's all I have to say, though I do have one question- there's a Radio Disney?? What do they play and do you tune you radio to a certain station or is it just internet?

  6. Ninja (In Training) – You raise valid points. I guess I'm more aiming this at Triple J fans in my town, and some others I've come across.Also, for us in Aus Radio Disney is only online, but in America it's an actual station. They play just all teen stars and stuff, it's pretty great.fp xo

  7. 1. I used ot listen to radio disney on itunes.2. Anon, this topic may be done and dusted for this post, but I though it interest you to know that pms actually stand for PREmenstrual syndrome and the emotional symptoms, such as anger and irritability are present during the week or two BEFORE the rags part of the month and disappear before, or in the beginning of it. Not that I've been looking up the symptoms of pms lately.3. I just never liked the styles and bands played on Triple J. but it was never a big station here, we're all 96.9 listeners (well I don't listen to any radio anymore), and all regular mainstream.

  8. Ah, anon, you see, this is ~my~ blog. I'm allowed to do and say whatever I want. If you find me annoying, then the simple solution is not to read. Am I a hypocrite? Probably, but aren't we all? People hate my fandoms, I hate theirs. It's the way the world works. In the same way, I'm allowed to be fiercely loyal to my fandoms, and get angry when people diss them, and then turn around and diss theirs back for fun. Two can play the hating game. As I mentioned in this very post though, I hardly ever do it, especially when it comes to music, and especially in real life. fp xo

  9. Hi there.Firstly, I will be posting this as anon as I do not have an account. However, please note that I am definitely not the same anon as above and nor would I want to be because frankly those rude and vulgar posts do nothing but validate all of your arguments about triple j listeners.I do like some music on triple j but I cannot bring myself to listen to the radio station as I think the presenters create the feeling of superiority that is reflected in many of their listeners. I have to agree that I have experienced many of the same attitudes from triple j listeners as you have and I am over it. I like a wide variety of music, some of which is played on triple j, but I only know this because people tell me it's played on triple j; every time I listen the the station the music is appalling and the presenters worse and although i keep trying to like the station I just can't. But that's my taste in radio stations and I respect the right of others to listen to it – just don't try to force me to or tell me your radio station is better because it's not.

  10. Argh this post made me so annoyed, because I couldnt help but feel you were directing all your comments to me, just because I like to listen to Triple J. Look, there'd by a very small percentage of people who listen to the station that do it to be cool. Anyone who's listening to music that they dont even like just to move up in a social heirarchy obviously has some problems, and I dont think you can just point the finger at Triple J listeners.

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