Something A Little Different

Sometimes I write things other than blog posts, like this short story I managed to get full marks on this week. I’ll put it after the jump, so you can check it out if you’d like to see a different style of my writing πŸ™‚ 
The question was ‘compose a 500 word story on the topic of Power, Authority and the Individual’. 

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High school is a battlefield. There are two sides; the right one, and the wrong one. Unlike in war, however, everyone is in agreement about which is which. I lead the right side, but I am an imposter. A double agent. The holder of a secret identity. Call it what you will, but who everyone else sees is not who I want to be. Who I am.

I walk the halls, barking insults like a machine gun at anyone who passes within firing range. The words I instruct my troops to fire rain on those who dare to oppose us like bullets. I decide who lives and who dies in this vicious place. I am God, judging all who pass before me. The ironic thing is, if they saw the real me, I would be as condemned as the rest of them. My position would not prevent my fall from glory.

High school is a giant game of follow the leader, with all participants too scared to break from the status quo. I am the leader in this perilous game. I am the one they all wish to be. What I say is law. What I do must be followed. The funny thing about high school, though, is we are all sheep. Myself included. Despite my so-called position of authority, I simply act as everyone else acts, dress as everyone else dresses, speak as everyone else speaks. I do not dare to break rank, to step a foot out of line, to actually dare to be different. Everyone wishes to be me, but not even I am granted that wish.

I wonder what would happen if everyone found out that I am really on the other team, in all meanings of the phrase. That the casualties of this battle are simply an outpouring of my own self-loathing. I attack those who I wish I could be. I tell my troops that the differences of those we oppose make them freaks, and freaks cannot survive in this harsh terrain. Their differences actually give them the ultimate strength. We attack them with an abundance of artillery but they refuse to break. They refuse to be sheep. They stay true to themselves β€˜til the death. By refusing to fight for us, they are asserting that they have the power needed to succeed in this war.

I may appear to have the ultimate authority in this battle, but those with the strength to question my authority hold it all in life. I wish I could cross the battle lines and not be afraid to be on their team. That I could be proud of who I am. Instead, I keep my troops marching behind me, following my every blind move.  

What did you think? You can be honest, I know creative writing isn’t always my thing πŸ˜›

frangipani princess xoxo 

One thought on “Something A Little Different

  1. That was actually quite amazing! To be honest I didn't 100% 'get' it but the mood was set up and maintained throughout and it was very intense and somewhat confronting. Good Job πŸ™‚

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