Tourist Attractions Aren’t Just For Young Families

Sydney has always been my favourite city in Australia, so it makes sense that I have found myself there quite a few times lately. The most recent of these times was today. The reason I got to miss a day of school to spend a day in the city will have to remain a slight secret (unless, you know, you follow me on twitter or are my friend on facebook) for a little while, but trust me when I say it’s pretty exciting.

Mum and I flew up on Sunday morning and after getting bored with shopping, we started brainstorming things to do. Upon discussion, we realised that even though we’re in Sydney at least once a month, we never really do any of the ‘touristy’ things; we go into the city, do whatever we’re there for, shop, go home. This made us sad, because when I was younger we would visit all the tourist attractions on all of our frequent visits to the city. We decided to remedy this fact by promising to visit one attraction every time we go to Sydney from now on. 
We started by heading down to Darling Harbour and the Aquarium. I hadn’t been there for six years, and it was actually surprising amounts of fun. I discovered a love of Dugongs and a hatred of eels, was more frightened of a moving shark replica than any of the toddlers around me, was way too entertained by some of the toys in the gift shop, and just generally had a great time acting like I was a bit younger than I actually am and excitedly pulling my mum to every tank and exclaiming “OMG MUM LOOK AT THAT FISH!”.

As we grow older, in my personal experience, at least, life seems to become more about just going through the motions and less about getting out there and having fun. I’m in Sydney or Melbourne more than twenty times a year, and yet the number of times I’ve been the zoo, or the aquarium, or Luna Park, or even a Museum, in the last five years could be counted on one hand. I seem to just go to the city, visit my friends or go to whatever I’m there for, or head to the shops, and forget to go and run around looking at animals, or marvel at exhibits, or just have a chilled out day being a tourist. You just don’t really see teenagers at tourist attractions, in all honesty, and maybe it’s partly because they’re kind of expensive, and partly because they’re seen as ‘boring’ or for little kids, but I think we need to focus on how much fun they can be. I’m not saying a trip to the art gallery (my mum’s afternoon suggestion today) is always thrilling and we should be jumping at it, but somewhere like the zoo is. I honestly don’t understand why you don’t see groups of high school aged friends just chilling at the zoo. Gosh, if I lived in Sydney I’d be there all the time! We need to remember that we can still have fun as a teenager, and that fun doesn’t always need to be experienced at a party or while acting like an adult. I, for one, am more than happy to mix with the five year olds, and hope the next time I head to Sydney (for state public speaking, gulp) I spot a few more teens at whichever attraction I choose to visit.

frangipani princess xoxo

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