Planet Jedward

I seem to have a particular liking for teen or early twenty something guy singers who are a little bit different. By different, I mean completely crazy, in a boy band, or both. Knowing this, it probably comes as no surprise that after watching Eurovision on the weekend I came away with an obsession for Jedward. You don’t know who Jedward are? This is Jedward. 

Jedward are nineteen year old twin brothers John and Edward Grimes, who rose to ‘fame’ on X-Factor UK in 2009. I say ‘fame’ because well, they couldn’t actually sing that well and became more known for their crazy outfits and absolute hilarity. Here’s their audition:

The Irish brothers made it to the top six before being voted out, much to the annoyance of Simon Cowell  who believed they shouldn’t have made it past the auditions.
They have risen to fame again after winning the Irish public vote to represent their nation at Eurovision. Here’s what they performed:

They are just so freaking brilliant. They ended up coming eighth in the contest, which is a pretty awesome achievement.
I love them because they’re just so crazy and random and never let haters get them down. They sing Katy Perry songs in bubble-baths and dance to Single Ladies in red skin-tight jump suits. It is impossible not to watch one of their videos, or read one of their tweets, or see a picture of them and not smile. They don’t take themselves seriously, which is a brilliant trait to have, and one more people in the entertainment industry should try and gain.
Here’s one more clip of them:

They just make me so happy πŸ™‚

Are you on planet Jedward?

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Planet Jedward

  1. Pree sure All The Small Things is one of the greatest things I've ever heard. but their I Want Candy is the best I've ever heard. They sound pree much like 12yo aaron carter.

  2. I love how you introduce me to all these amazing things through your blog. I think tomorrow when I return from school I shall have to schedule in a little jedward obsessing time….

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