Joe Jonas Releases Name Of First Single

At Wango Tango today Joe Jonas revealed that his first single, dropping at the beginning of June, would be titled ‘See No More’.

His full album is rumoured to be released in early September . He’s rumoured to be doing a solo tour this summer as well, though there have been no official confirmations of this .

I have mixed feelings about his solo album and single. I love Joe with all of my heart, I really do, but I have a feeling he’s trying too hard to shake his Disney image with all of it. Like, a collaboration with Chris Brown? Really, Joe? The Joe I love raps about the Muffin Man and Jackets for laughs, not on actual songs to try and be serious. His whole image re-shake and new sound and everything make me sad in a way. I know he missed out on a lot of his childhood, and it must have been hard trying to be this perfect Disney golden boy all the time, but if he’s not careful, he could begin to lose some of the respect he and his brothers have worked so hard to gain.

All of that said, I will forever love he and his brothers, whether they’re together or solo, whether they’re creating club music, or songs for Disney soundtracks. They will always have a large place in my heart. And I’m still waiting for that tour confirmation, boys.

No word on when the single is being released here, but it should be soon after the USA.

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Joe Jonas Releases Name Of First Single

  1. im so excited about this. i loved nick's solo stuff and tour, and i think its a great direction for him to go. i agree with you that him and his brothers have worked so hard to gain respect, but i think its time for an older audience, and we have grown with them. im so glad to see them all grown up and doing their own not disney stuff! i'll be really excited when they do another JB tour too, though! love them so much.

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