Interview With Julia Albain – Part Two:

As promised, here is part two of my interview with Team Starkid’s very lovely Julia Albain. In this part we chat Team Starkid, fans, and more on her career: (again, I’m hopeless and don’t know how to fix the ugly gaps. Sorry!)

Have you ever thought about what would have happened if you hadn’t shown up that day to help paint the sets for A Very Potter Musical?

Yeah, I think about that all the time, cos it’s literally changed the whole trajectory of my life. But I’ve also found that I take time in my life just to really look at what I want and what my like, clear vision is for my life. And when you lay that out, when you journal that out, when you whatever. When you take the time to actually ask yourself what you want your life to look like and get intentional about that…usually you end up at the right place at the right time. So it’s not…it’s like there are all these tiny little miracles but it never feels…it doesn’t really surprise me that that happened, you know what I mean? And it doesn’t surprise me that it was hinged on the decision of showing up or not showing up, cos that’s the other thing I’ve found. That usually, you’re whole life, it’s based on whether or not you just show up. And being at the right place at the right time. And so if you’re willing to always show up, and know exactly what you want, you usually just find yourself exactly where you’re meant to be.

You were friends with all the Starkids before the play though, weren’t you?
Yeah. Our program was really small so yeah, it was just like a big family.
What exactly did you study at university?
I received my BFA in Acting, so that’s my official degree.
What has been the highlight of your career to date?
Oh gosh. The highlight of my career. That’s tricky cos most of my career thusfar has happened in school, you know what I mean? I’ve only done two shows now post-grad and written a book. So those are the only three artistic things I’ve done post-grad. I would say The Sequel was a pretty special time and then in school directing The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot was a major highlight cos it was just such an incredible project that really amplified that love of directing for me and we were all really, really proud of what we had created. So actually I would say that is my absolute favourite project I’ve ever done.

In your book, you say you never expected the reaction that came to A Very Potter Musical. Do you consider yourself to be like a celebrity now that it has kind of exploded everywhere?
No. No, no, no, no. Which I know…it’s interesting when I meet people who want to treat us like that and you know, so it’s like funny for me when we go to these places and people want our autographs and it’s so awesome and special and I obviously am thankful for it cos that like gives me the audience for the book ad everything. But, uh, no. I’m not a celebrity. I walk down the street and no one knows who I am, and that’s totally fine with me. And yeah, our lives are pretty normal. We’re all pretty normal twenty somethings, we’re all still a little broke, we all have bills to pay,  and it’s very, very normal actually. It’s much more normal than I think people realize. But we’re extraordinarily lucky at the same time that we have this, and we get to do this, and we get to do this together.
You guys are quite big over here now. You have quite a big fan base, especially since Darren has been on Glee. And when magazines do a feature on him, they’ll include a little mention of you guys, and suddenly most of the kids at school have seen your shows and are quoting them everywhere.
I’ve read that! We have these pockets, like obviously the United States is a big one, and then there’s the UK and then Australia. For whatever reason, there’s like a big pocket of our fans and followers down in Australia. And I always think that’s so cool, like, of all the places in the world, Australia couldn’t be further away but it’s awesome.
What’s the most memorable fan encounter you’ve had?
Well, when I was in New York a couple of weeks ago for the screenings for Starship, I had the first person bring me my book to sign. And that…I almost cried, cos that’s kind of a moment where you’re like, oh my gosh.  A year ago I’d been in New York having like, a rough time, and a year later I’d turned that rough time into a book that now someone was asking me to sign. So that was like this very full circle and very cool encounter and I made sure I told the girls “You have no idea…this is kind of like a big moment for me.” So that was pretty special.
At the other end of the spectrum, what’s the weirdest or creepiest fan encounter you’ve experienced or witnessed with Team Starkid?
Ah, you know, there are people who just get over zealous in the sense that…I think that when it comes down to it, it’s just when people look at us as celebrities rather than just people who they would like to admire our work. Like we rely on, and we love our fans, we really do. It’s incredible what the fans have enabled us to do. But I know that like when we were in Orlando last year for Infinitus, we were walking around the park one day and we were just walking. We were just hanging out, you know, me and my friends in Disneyworld. And out of nowhere this girl just came barreling and just grabbed Joe Walker. Just grabbed him so hard, like almost knocked him over and just wouldn’t let go. And I was just like Oh My Gosh. Like those are moments that I, you know, never, in all my years of college you never could have told me that that was something I would encounter. Or like, one time, and I don’t think this is weird, but it was just a funny moment where a girl came to a show, and she handed me something and was like “Will you sign this for me please?” and I was like “Sure” and it was a headshot of Darren. And I was just like, it was a goofy thing because you never could have told me in college that someday someone would be asking me to autograph Darren’s headshot, you know what I mean? It’s just kind of goofy. Stuff like that. And when people get really excited and maybe a little too touchy-feely. It’s like, you know. We’re just people.
How did the process of creating Starship differ from that of creating A Very Potter Musical and Sequel?
Well, for A Very Potter Musical and Sequel they…well, first of all, for A Very Potter Musical, I came in four days before the show went up so I wasn’t there for the whole process. So I was literally there for those four days before opening night. That was a very fast paced thing though, you know, again they were just pulling it together at the last minute. And then for the Sequel it was this time last year. At this time last year we were in Ann Arbor and basically everyone flew in. People were in LA and New York and had settled in various cities and we all flew into Ann Arbor for ten days and we just did a boot camp. From 11am to 11pm every day we rehearsed and ten days later we performed the show. And it’s crazy, but it’s also kind of exhilarating when you do it that way. With Starship, it was a process that went on for months. Like we started rehearsals right after the New Year in January and then the show went up mid-February so we were in rehearsal for almost six weeks. And then the show ran for twelve nights, which isn’t very long in theatre terms, but for us was very long because we’d only ever done three night productions and this was twelve. So it just felt like we were doing Starship for two solid months. And then we, as the company, had been in pre-production from October when we first moved here. We’d been doing all the planning and organizing, so that show to me felt like it was a four month process. Whereas A Very Potter Sequel lasted ten days and I was back in New York before I knew it.

Are there any more Starkid shows that are being planned?
Yeah, we’re constantly developing new shows cos we want to be able to be doing more content. Lauren and I have a show that we have been brainstorming and working on and there’s other ideas floating around. We definitely want to be able to be getting out more content and so hopefully there’ll be another show done by the end of the year.
Continued thanks to Julia for being so lovely and agreeing to chat with me. It means a lot.
Part three, the final part of the interview, in which we chat more about Team Starkid and also about inspirations, will be up soon. 
Remember you can buy Julia’s fabulous book ‘A Glamourously Unglamorous Life’ here.
Watch Julia in Starkid productions ‘A Very Potter Musical’ and ‘A Very Potter Sequel’ as Crabbe, and in ‘Starship’ as Specs. All shows are able to be found on their youtube channel.

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