The episode of Glee which airs this week in Australia, Born This Way, is brilliant for many reasons. Somewhere Only We Know and the ‘Likes Boys’ shirt are two of these, but the scene that really stood out to me was this one:

You can listen to the whole song here:

The scene, and the whole storyline throughout the episode, explores Rachel’s desperation to look like Quinn, and the reality behind Quinn’s beauty.

Self-love is something a lot of teen girls – myself included – struggle with. No matter how gorgeous they may appear the world, a majority will still look in the mirror and not be happy with what they see. They continue to see flaws, even when the rest of the world sees someone who is absolutely stunning. They will cringe at their image in photos, even when everyone else gushes about how beautiful they are.

In ‘Unpretty’, Quinn sings, “Wish I could tie you up in my shoes, make you feel unpretty too”, which is illustrating that even though you may look amazing, sometimes to yourself you feel absolutely hideous. Or maybe not even hideous, but just not confident. What someone shows to the world is not how they are always feeling on the inside. Just because someone looks good, or is good at something, it doesn’t mean they feel good and are happy. I think where a lot of girls meet their downfall these days, is in believing that becoming popular, or pretty, or getting the gorgeous boyfriend, will make them happy. That if they can just appear perfect to the rest of the world, they will feel it themselves. News flash, girls, it doesn’t quite work that way.The simple fact of the matter is you can’t be happy unless you are happy and accepting of who you are for who you are. When you can look in the mirror and love yourself for who you see, no matter what you see, that’s when you’ll start to gain confidence. Once you gain confidence in yourself, you can begin to be happy. It’s a long road, believe me, I know. It’s not something you can wake up and gain. Many women go their whole lives without truly being self confident and being happy with who they are as people. But as Selena Gomez sings in ‘Who Says’, “I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me”, and if that’s not advice to live by, I don’t know what is.

Born This Way airs in Australia at 8.30pm on Channel Ten tomorrow night (Wednesday 11th May). 

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Unpretty

  1. I nearly cried when I watched this. Because for the first time their touching on the non-minority. They're allowing the seemingly popular, pretty, talented kids to not sound whiney when they say, I'm not that good. I'm stated as pretty. But that's not me, doesn't mean I've got life made. Just a category that people won't judge me on.

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