Tsweezy Has A Video For Mean

Can we just bring up how much I love Taylor Swift? Cos I really do. Her music video for “Mean”, her latest single of her album “Speak Now” premiered today and it’s brilliant. 

It’s all old-timey and they all look amazing, but what I especially love about it is the way it shows how individuals can triumph over bullies in the long run. The fashion loving high school boy, the girl working the embarrassing job to raise money for college and the little girl who isn’t accepted by her peers  all give the video such a happy feel.

I really wish Taylor was my friend. She’s pretty much one of the most epic people ever.

Speaking of Taylor’s friends, this is a terrible revelation about my creeping abilities, but I only found her bff Abigail’s twitter today. Follow her here. Their friendship is just the greatest.

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Tsweezy Has A Video For Mean

  1. haha way to get yr creep on girl lol. but i lve taylor swift!! shes such an amzing singer/idol! and mean is my fav song besides if we were a movie on her album!!!!!! its so witty and i dedicated it to my sister she hated it i lved it πŸ˜€ oh im issy by the way. i dont have a fb so ya…. anywho u should check out mine blog ya later lol

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