The Dark Side Of Fangirling

I’m a fangirl. Gosh, I practically define what being a fangirl is, yet I know where to draw the line. Well, most of the time I do, anyway. While I like to say I’m going to end up married to all of my celebrity crushes, I do know that in reality, it’s not likely to happen. When it’s revealed they do in fact, have a girlfriend, I’m happy for them. Most of the time, anyway. I very rarely refer to her as a stupid whore, I promise. What I don’t understand, is the number of deluded fangirls who give the rest of us a bad name. We’ve seen it with the beliebers who sent Selena Gomez death threats, and then more recently, and disturbingly (we always knew the beliebers were insane), Dcriss fans have gone insane after Chris Colfer revealed Darren had a girlfriend.

 As much as I love being a part of the Dcriss and Starkid fandoms, the fans take everything a bit too far sometimes. Last year there was a big drama after certain fans began posting very personal pictures of the Starkids on tumblr and various other sites on the interwebs. Team Starkid were just trying to live their dreams whilst having fun with their friends, and yet people felt the need to invade their privacy. 

Then, in the last couple of days, there has been outrageous reactions to the Darren-Has-A-Girlfriend news. People saying they wanted to kill his girlfriend were just the first step, and as I read through posts on tumblr, I felt so disappointed in this fandom. Here’s a newsflash, fangirls, when someone is as attractive and famous and epic as Darren, they’re not going to stay single forever, and even more so, they’re not going to marry some random fan from the other side of the country, or world. You don’t own Darren, and you should be happy for him. That’s what being a fan is. Supporting and being happy for your favourite celebrities no matter who they’re friends with or dating. At the end of the day, celebrities are just regular people. You wouldn’t send your best friend’s new boyfriend a death threat, so why would you send them to your favourite celebrity’s new partner? 

I guess the real point that should be made, but admittedly I find this one hard to follow, is that celebrity’s private lives are none of our business. I’ve had to debate this topic a few times and the debate always boils down to the point of “If they wanted to have a ‘private’ life, they shouldn’t have chosen to pursue that career path”. While the part of me that wants to be a blatant fangirl and know absolutely everything about my favourite celebs shouts this point in glee, another part of me kind of thinks we don’t have the right to stalk them simply because they’re trying to live their dream. Unfortunately, the ease of the internet and my serious gossip obsession makes the “They have no private life” argument win in my eyes, so I’ll continue to stalk them through the interwebs (and follow their friends and relatives on twitter. I mean, what?!) and discover everything about them. While I may know who their kindergarten best friends were and their favourite flavour of ice-cream, I will always respect whoever they choose to date (*cough* In theory, and for most of them, anyway).

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of Fangirling

  1. Remember Nomy Bec calling us immature and jealous after our Camilla Belle hating? Yes, we *know* we'reacting immaturely, we *know* we're jealous, it's not as though we take it too seriously though.Also, Pshh, my best friend totally gets girlfriends, not boyfriends. Duh.

  2. Haha. Also, while fic reading this morning I couldn't but think, I would be more heartbroken if one of my celeb crushes got a partner, if it broke up one of myships. Especially if, say, Bradley got a girlfriend, which would means he's A. Straight, and B. Not with Colin.

  3. sometimes people can go totally insane, i completely agree! That doesn't mean I think they should get angry for all of the death threats and all of that though, because that's the life they chose/the life of the person they chose to date.

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